UFO near ISS aliens are watching us again

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НЛО возле МКС, инопланетяне вновь за нами следят

The media increasingly see headlines about another found a strange object. Only last month, such cases were not less than six. Maybe it’s a case of overflights of UFOs over our planet have become more frequent, maybe it’s someone’s imagination run wild. Now, all the talk of UFOs, flying past the ISS.

Ufologists like to inflate out of molehills, arguing about the next witness an alien spaceship, only it is just something to zip in the sky. They contravene the physical laws and not try to guess what the object might be something else. At the same time, they are not researchers, they only are monitoring the work of others. Suffice it to recall the case when near a volcano in America to have seen something mysterious. The team of «experts» went there and found a kind of hole, having concluded that there is a base of aliens. No further studies after such statements are not followed. They didn’t try to go down there, or even to pull back the camera.

Where is the logic

Is there any sense in screaming about aliens and then try to prove it through research? Similarly nothing has been done with ancient stones, which are allegedly debris of alien ships, there have been no attempts to explore the wreck, which hypothetically could be a UFO.

Maybe the UFO is simply unprofitable to conduct research? Indeed, in the case of adverse outcomes of their theories will come to an end. Any science is based on its own laws and calculations, UFOlogy this category to rank because it is based only on profound look at any pictures or videos that someone made. So few people trust the statements of ufologists, but to expose them a try. Scientists used to just ignore their messages. Unlike ufologists, scientists are trying through science to look at the space in the world where hypotheticals can be life. So what about the UFO near the ISS? Maybe in this case, the ufologists can still be right?

НЛО возле МКС, инопланетяне вновь за нами следят

Recently near the station flashed something disc-shaped. The object approached the ISS, and suddenly vanished. Many Internet users liked the version with the alien ship. Some even began to build predictions about the future of communication with intelligent extraterrestrial beings and on the assistance they will provide.

This is exactly a UFO

No, not really. There is clearly something wrong. Even if we assume that near the ISS really passed the aliens, they can be not good and lovely. If we consider the ability of a ship so close to fly up to a planet in another system, his created beings clearly superior to us in technological progress. What’s the point in interacting with humanity if we can’t give them anything and to share technologies?

It will be recalled that outer space is always something flying. For example, debris from various ground equipment. In the midst of the space race, the country did not skimp on new devices, though not until the end of the verified, and safely sent them into space. As a result a lot of equipment was broken, and repair it there, of course, no one will. That is, all fragments are still in space, and a lot of them.

НЛО возле МКС, инопланетяне вновь за нами следят

Accordingly, such debris could fly past the ISS, that’s more likely than the version with UFOs. No one exclude, any part of the obsolete equipment had exactly the form of a disk, but the census of space debris no one was. Not a less likely option – to malfunction cameras. The problem they have often, something comes up, something washed out, and in the end we get another sensational news from the UFO. It is possible that the flying object is an experimental apparatus is quite terrestrial origin.

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