French geophysicists have said that Mars blizzards sweep

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Geophysics from the National French research Institute in Paris (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris) came to the conclusion that on Mars blizzards sweep. Blizzard — snow — of snow, which then falls at night. It picks up a very strong wind that blows on a neighboring planet with a speed of 10 meters per second.

Snow on Mars, scientists noticed back in 2009. Evidence that it is from time to time, transferred to Earth and the orbiters and those that were on the surface — for example,Phoenix.

Французские геофизики заявили, что на Марсе метут метели

Now, scientists have explained how do it — snow — were taken, using computer climate models, which their fellow meteorologists use for weather prediction on Earth.

— Of course, we have adapted the earth model to Martian conditions, — said study leader Dr. Aymeric Spiga (Dr Aymeric Spiga), and applied the three by combining them. This allowed to assess the dynamics of processes in the Martian atmosphere.

Scientists explain how Mars appear snow and Blizzard

Французские геофизики заявили, что на Марсе метут метели

According to Spiga, in the cold, thin and rarefied atmosphere of Mars, the snow formed in the clouds, located at an altitude of 10-20 km. With the approach of night they cool down and are greeted with more warm updrafts.

The result is particles of water ice to be unstable and rush down. The wind speed at the surface can reach 10 meters per second. He raises a Blizzard, which becomes the most powerful two o’clock in the morning.

Scientists warn future explorers of Mars: a snow storm can significantly complicate their lives and to create an emergency landing.

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