Funeral cave in Thailand

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Modern science, relying on material evidence, builds a certain pattern, which would give all answers to constructed by mankind sustained the illusion of understanding and concepts of the past. However, each year around the world detected a strange, mysterious place unique artifacts, which call into question classic historical theory. The abundance of such findings makes it possible to create an alternative history of the origin and development of mankind. Most of these findings do not become available to the General public, and remain hidden different stores, research laboratories and museums.

Unfortunately, science does not recognize the existence of something mythical and otherworldly. And now we will tell you about one of those examples where scientists have paid a terrible price for his arrogance and disrespect to ancient legends and local legends.

Ритуальная пещера в Таиланде

In the world there are many different places that attract researchers, archaeologists and scientists. Among such places stand out, the cave is located in Thailand where a huge number of skeletons of people. Researchers still do not know to whom, when and why placed there the remains of people.

The find of the century

David Wadl has dedicated his life to the study of Thailand. In the circle of his interests was to study different folk customs, beliefs and cults that were widespread in this territory in ancient times. Studying the notes of a Dutch traveller of the 16th century, he found records of that in the North there is a tribe that lives in a closed society. Even then legends regarding the awful and boundless cruelty of representatives of this small nation. So, the same Dutch traveler in his notes mentions that the people were a variety of horrible rumors about members of this small ethnic group.

Most likely, the scientist was so struck by the notes of a traveler that he was eager to find this area, there are archaeological excavations. I must say that in its records even the Dutchman mentioned the ritual cave filled with skeletons of dead enemies, and then sacrificed to the gods. Of course, we should not forget that the Navigator is quite vividly described the various resources that were in this huge cave. From a historical point of view, such a discovery would be a real scientific sensation, so it is not strange that David Wadl decided to do a little exploratory mission into the jungle to detect any artifacts that was mentioned by the author of the diary.

The beginning of the mission

In 1992, a scientist gets a grant for his research company. In the same year, he was sent to Thailand to conduct a study in this country. Here he gets permission from the government and charges it after a short search the group is increased to 6 people. The conductor, a local resident brings it just to the side of the mountain, then leaves the group, citing fear of demons that live directly in the cave and on the top of the mountain. He also warns researchers that if they left the mission and not the wrath of demons and came back home. However, Wadl continues his journey, and two days later the connection is terminated…

Rescue operation

After contact with the researcher had been lost during the week there has been no action. Only when it became evident that the expedition has gone missing or got into trouble was created by the extraordinary Commission, which was to engage in the search for missing travelers. The Commission has decided to send in the mountain rescue team, which would consist of scientists and representatives of power structures of the country. Representatives of the search mission would have to go the same route that moved the missing archaeologist.

The prompt action of the organs of internal security have allowed them to find the conductor, who accompanied the scholar to the foot of the mountain. The interrogation revealed that the conductor has no relation to the missing group. After it was decided that he should accompany the rescue operation of that route, which was moving with the missing expedition. Like last time, Explorer without any problems made an expedition to the foot of the hill on which was situated the cave, but to rise above or to go with expeditions to the cave, he refused.

The discovery of the remains

After a short uphill, the group found the bodies of the missing scientists near the site of the last stop. Were found the bodies of all three scientists. After a cursory examination of human remains, it was concluded that all three died a violent death. The ghastly wounds showed that all three scientists were brutally murdered. Far discovered the remains of other members of the mission. Injuries all killed, were identical and were struck by its cruelty. Heads were punched with a blunt object, like someone long and too hard on the head of the unfortunate. The chest was ripped open and internal organs were missing at the murder scene. The impression was that all these atrocities were perpetrated by the wild beasts that attacked the camp, because of the equipment and expensive equipment, nothing is missing, also left valuables and money.

After careful examination of the scene, was found a diary that described the various stages of the expedition. The last entry was made before the death of the group. It States that the expedition reached its final destination. Preliminary archaeological research, however, is the first night that the group held near the cave, was heard various strange noises as if coming from her. The next entry told me that scientists were able to discover a truly unique artifact, but what is that thing in the diary is not said. In the notebook mentioned about coming from the cave, a sound like the blows of many small hammers on the stone and this sound is amplified. It is also said that there is a possibility of surveillance of the work of archaeologists, it was also seen strange shadows and if someone tries to quietly sneak into the camp. All this greatly troubled the dead archaeologists who decided to stop the study and complete the mission, taking with them valuable artifact. What happened to the expedition now unknown.

Terrible secrets

Rescue expedition nothing remained but to collect the bodies and prepare them for transportation, and then to send them home. A decision was made about the need to stay here for a while. During the first night members of the rescue group heard strange noises coming from the cave which poems with the coming of dawn. A group of scientists that were part of the expedition, decided to conduct a little research in the cave. When they entered the cave, they opened the picture that fascinated and frightened at the same time. Inside were a huge number of skeletons, which were almost intact, was located in a different position. Some of them sat, stood, or hung from the ceiling. The study of the cave took all day.

It was decided to stay one more night next to this mysterious cave. Night strange noises coming from the cave, was repeated. Anthropologists who were part of the group decided to visit the cave. Seeing that the skeletons have changed their position, the researchers decided to deal with the event and conduct a scientific experiment…

Armed with guns and powerful lights, I decided to spend the night in the cave. The other members tried to dissuade daredevils from a crazy idea, but they went to the cave at sunset. In the middle of the night, the remaining members of the expedition heard multiple shots, which subsided after a time, and then there came the melodious sound of many hammers. And only with the onset of dawn decided to go to the cave, where they found the bodies of dead scientists. Heads were broken, the chest torn, and the internal organs missing. On the ground was discovered a huge number of shells and the scientists shot it in the direction of the cave where he heard a strange sound. But to detect traces of blood or bodies of the attackers failed. The expedition assembled hastily took the dead bodies and immediately went back. Who or what caused the death of so many people remains a mystery.

Summarizing the facts above, become absolutely clear that people are faced with something inexplicable and mysterious. Of course, the official report said all the dead were victims of angry monkeys…

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