13-year-old boy looks like 3-year-old child

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13-летний мальчик выглядит как 3-летний ребенок

13-year-old Angus Palmas from UK looks like a little kid due to a rare chromosomal anomaly. At birth, he seemed quite ordinary, but in three years just stopped growing. Doctors suggest that this is the only case of this anomaly for all seven billion people.

When Angus Palmes was born, he weighed 2.9 kg. Now, 13 years later, it weighs just over 13 pounds is the lower limit of normal for a three year old.

The face of Angus, too, remained childish, and it’s hard to believe he’s already entered into adolescence. Doctors found the boy had a chromosomal anomaly when he was just three weeks.

Genetics said they have no record of similar anomalies. There are a few people with similar problems, but they still differ from Angus, says Tandy, mother of Angus

13-летний мальчик выглядит как 3-летний ребенок

Unfortunately, a rare chromosomal abnormality has affected not only the appearance of Angus — he can’t walk and talk and has serious problems with heart and stomach.

Mother of Angus Tandi says that he had 40 surgeries, overcame meningitis and had to take 250 doses of drugs in a week. Despite this, he remains Sunny and smiling boys and even developed his own sign system to interact with people.

13-летний мальчик выглядит как 3-летний ребенок

Tandy admits that sometimes Angus is still showing signs of psychological problems. At such moments, he tries to harm himself, strikes his own hands and leaves large bruises.

13-летний мальчик выглядит как 3-летний ребенок

Still, most of the time, Angus keeps himself in his hands, and even attends a special school. He loves swimming and often listens to hard rock, together with his older brother. The doctors don’t know how many will live to Angus and his family did not plan for the future but enjoys every day spent with him.

— We have no plan, we don’t even know what Angus can do after high school. But we know that he is a happy child who infect others with their optimism.

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