Mystic Rdeysky monastery

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Мистика Рдейского монастыря

There is in Russia a mysterious place to solve the mystery which it is impossible, even with all the knowledge accumulated by mankind to date. We will focus on Nascom monastery, located in a remote place in Novgorod region.

Though the monastery itself is surrounded on three sides by beautiful lake Rdeysky, the path goes through swamps. They say the first time very few people manage to reach this Holy site, which supposedly checks who wants to go there on faith and perseverance in achieving the goal.

One of the mysteries of the monastery is connected with the legend. It says that the site of the future monastery was provided by Andrew during his journey from the glorious city of Kiev in the great city of Novgorod. When he reached the lake, the Saint blessed the place.

From tales it is known that after visiting RDA Apostle this place has long been considered protected, and the rumors about him were as fastidious, which itself did not let on.

Мистика Рдейского монастыря

The first monks came to Rdeu in the XVII century. Hermits were convinced that this secluded place is very suitable for prayers. The first buildings of the future beautiful monastery was built by monks from wood and dedicated to the monk Zosima all and Savvatiy. A few decades later the monastery built the Church of the assumption, also made of wood.

As the years passed, the monastery grew, many buildings were rebuilt after the fires of industrious monks were building again. The monastery had a good and difficult times.

Despite the fact that Catherine II ordered the abolition of the monastery, it continued to live monks, a stream of people wanting to visit the monastery did not stop for the day. Through the swamp paved reliable way of solid log. It fearlessly moved not only by pilgrims, but also coaches. The road ran from the nearest settlement to the monastery walls.

Мистика Рдейского монастыря

In 1887, the nuns RDA engaged in the education of children. Financial support for the monastery received from one of the representatives of the merchant dynasty Mamontov Alexander Nikolaevich. He paid for the construction of the assumption Cathedral on territory of Rdeysky monastery. For the construction of the Cathedral beyond the swamp was built plant for the production of bricks.

The iconostasis is made of Italian marble, floor tiles brought from Poland, and painted the Cathedral and the icons were created by the Kremlin master. With Demidovsky plant was delivered to a steam boiler, through which heated the Church.

The building had an unusual feature — the altar was oriented not to the East, as expected in the Orthodox churches, and in the North-West. It was hardly a mistake, but the mystery was gone, along with Redwood.

Мистика Рдейского монастыря

In 1902, on the territory of the Rdeysky monastery opened a new Church that can accommodate about 800 people! This temple stood in the center of the city and the wilderness, among the marshes, on the shores of forest lake. Despite this remoteness, the temple was always filled with believers. Many pilgrims came from the farthest corners of the country to visit the place, blessed by Andrew.

Believers came to see and to kneel before the many shrines rdeysky monastery: cholestanol with a garment of the Apostle Andrew and several miracle-working icons. In 1938, the monastery was plundered ruthlessly.

For many years the search continues for the stolen relics of the monastery, but to no avail. Black diggers when searching did not spare even the grave.

Мистика Рдейского монастыря

During the Second world war in the district, Rdeysky monastery of fierce battles. Victory in this local battle was so important to the Germans that they issued a special medal. The Nazis heavily battered by local partisans. The Nazis believed that the monastery used folk as an observation post: from the bell tower of the Dormition Church could see the whole area.

To get rid of the «problem» of the monastery, the Germans had mined the whole area. Still nobody can understand how could survive the Cathedral of the assumption, when around exploding mines.

What this dilapidated temple, who had lost all their Holy sites, attracts pilgrims and local residents? Most likely, the reason is that the area of the Rdeysky monastery is a place of power that is capable to cure not only the body but also the soul. Besides the place itself chooses whom to let and whom not, and does not forgive the one who harmed the monastery.

They say that all who left their «commemorative inscriptions» on the walls of the monastery, quickly died. Once in the monastery came a young man, to fulfill the deathbed request of his father and erase the inscription from the wall, which he did in memory, once in the monastery.

Мистика Рдейского монастыря

The fact that the monastery never forgives vandalism, confirms another story. One day some enterprising comrade, arrived by car on a winter road to the monastery, took some of the unique blue tiles of the floor of the temple to use it for equipment baths — his and relatives.

After a month both bathhouses burned down, the thief fell ill and a relative was seriously injured while working with a chainsaw. Only after the thief return the tiles back to the temple, his health was on the mend.

About the miraculous power of the monastery and today legends. Here is one of them.

Enthusiast Miron Antipov for several years satisfied air expedition trikes in order to bring to the attention of the monastery and slowly restore it to the world.

In addition, he is the living proof of the amazing capabilities of the monastery. A few years ago, he crashed and almost lost his leg when landing. The leg was reattached, but its function has not recovered — without the crutch Myron couldn’t migrate.

Мистика Рдейского монастыря

Worn out, Myron decided to try his luck in the monastery. With great difficulty he managed to get to Rdeysky monastery and he spent in the abode for one night. After returning home, a few days he was suffering from unbearable pain, but the function of the feet during the month is fully recovered.

Now Myron reminisces about her leg and crutches only when discussing the topic of various miracles.

The pilgrims, who are often at services in Gascom the monastery, it is said that those who are going to visit the monastery must give up all his plans and calculations at home because Rdeya decides to let the visitor in or not.

Looks like a failure RDA? Unwanted RDA pilgrims begin to walk in circles around the lake, either people did not understand the reason, suddenly decides to return halfway back home, or the pilgrim is attacked by terrible fear, which does not allow to continue.

Magic resident permits only «his», and then invites them to yourself again and again.

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