In the United States compiled a real list of mythical creatures on Earth

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В США составлен реальный список мифических существ на ЗемлеIn the United States compiled a real list of mythical creatures on Earth. Experts from Washington do not question the fact that 12 thousand years ago, the Earth was inhabited by hobbits in the Indonesian caves have been found skeletons of beings, the growth of which does not reach the meter. The eight-meter acid spitting dragons in his time the terror of the Australian aborigines. Also, the researchers say, the real lived in the Indian ocean, the Kraken, and the monsters Scylla and Charybdis in Spanish waters.

Cyclops and basilisks, unicorns, and griffins from the medieval bestiary, too, could roam the planet, and the existence lutovac described in the Saga of George Martin’s «a Song of ice and fire», scientists knew long ago — prehistoric Canis dirus («dire wolf») is known to paleontologists since the 19th century.

According to the existence of Bigfoot, the American scientists do not dispute, the experts only disagree about the origin and classification of the Yeti. The Amazons were ordinary women, but superior to men in physical strength.

In the mythical characters of all of these creatures have turned themselves people who just exaggerated their power and added a little mystery, the scientists.

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