A new mystery of nature: On the planet drastically reduced the number of insects

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Новая загадка природы: На планете резко сократилось количество насекомых

Citing studies that have conducted German enthusiasts from the community of Krefeld Entomological Society, the authors of an article published in the authoritative scientific journal Science Mag, assure that insects in recent years has become smaller. Much less.

First noticed this driving in the windshield of their cars now remain clean even during quick town trips. But before — remember — entirely was stained, had to vigorously wash them from the remains of all sorts of flies, beetles and other moths. Drivers bought a special cleaning fluid. And now they are not needed. Dirt, all there, remains there.

First insects of the broken windshield, and now they are glass remain clean.

«The phenomenon of the windshield» — so named entomologists for the situation that exists throughout Europe. He is better than others confirms with nature was something wrong.

More rigorous observations testify that about a quarter of a century the number of insects fell by as much as 80 percent. Such a depressing result, scientists have obtained, comparing the number of flies and bugs that fell into the trap before now.

Entomologists sin in the first place for chemistry, saying, blame the farmers and other agricultural workers who fumigated with insecticides. Poison — supposedly harmful, but all are dying.

There is, however, another hypothesis: the shape of modern cars become more streamlined — less about the bugs they are fighting for.

Новая загадка природы: На планете резко сократилось количество насекомых

The earth has entered another era of mass extinction

Something tells: all right-are entomologists. After all, reducing the number of insects may be part of a larger process — the mass extinction of living beings in the sixth.

That it began, said the American scientists from Princeton, Stanford, universities of California and their Mexican counterparts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. They have what is called, looked around, horrified, and prepared a report . It is published in the journal Science Advances.

According to biologists, the extinction organized by humanity, triggered by his devastating activity.

As one of the leaders of the research Professor and environmentalist Paul Ehrlich (Paul Ehrlich, the Bing Professor of Population Studies in biology and a senior fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment), since 1500, our world is irrevocably left 320 species of vertebrates.

Earlier times 100 years, dying on the strength of two mammal species, the rate of disappearance increased almost 100 times. And approaching that with which the species have become extinct 65 million years ago, when the Earth broke up with dinosaurs.

By the WAY

We are one planet not enough

Which year anxiety has the world wildlife Fund (WWF). In his next report on the state of biological resources of the Earth, he said that these resources over the last 40 years declined by about a third.

In other words, a third of our planet we have already «used» for their needs was eaten, and digested, burned, cut, poisoned, killed windshields. What is the rate of «use» for the reporting period increased twice.

The most wasteful, according to naturalists, live Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, USA, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Netherlands and Ireland. If everyone lived, then the continued existence humanity took five more planets like ours.

Новая загадка природы: На планете резко сократилось количество насекомых

Russia, by the way, refers to the home planet very carefully (compared to many others) is the 33rd on the list of pests.

Along the way, the experts noted: the rapidly decreasing biodiversity. And life on the planet is getting poorer. Every year she lost 25 thousand species of animals and plants.


Scholars have identified 5 mass extinctions.

1. Ordovician-Silurian: 450 million years ago has disappeared, 60 percent lived then invertebrates. Estimated cause — the movement of the supercontinent Gondwana that resulted in the cold and drop the water level in the oceans.

2. Devonian extinction :370 million years ago, killed half of marine animals. Estimated cause — poisoning of water by products of volcanic activity.

3. Perm (great) extinction: 250 million years ago killed 96 percent of marine species and 70 percent terrestrial.

Probable cause: the eruption of a huge number of volcanoes at once.

4. The Triassic extinction of 200 million years ago, half of the animals died, including most archosaurs — the dinosaurs predecessors. Probable cause is some mysterious climate change.

5. The Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction: 65 million years ago the dinosaurs became extinct. Who killed them is not known. Maybe all those volcanoes or asteroids.

Five «major» extinction did not lead to the fact that life on Earth disappeared. Like for example if you were to believe some hypotheses that could have happened on Mars or on Venus. Our animals were revived. It took millions of years, but the planet remained habitable, although «population» is sometimes changed beyond recognition.

What will be the outcome of the current «Sixth extinction»? There is a fear that we won’t know the answer to this question, as they themselves die out. But maybe instead people will come to any different view — more reasonable?

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