Superhero: the girl lifted a car to save his father

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Charlotte’s father, Hapfelmeier still can’t believe that managed to make it 19-year-old daughter to save his life. He had no way to get out from under a burning car, then his daughter in some incredible way, lifted the car so that he could get out. But that’s not all she did that day.

It’s like a scene from the film. The girl pick up the car and frees his father, and then saves the rest of the family from a raging fire.

Супергерой: девушка подняла автомобиль, чтобы спасти своего отца

Maybe to some this will seem incredible, but the 19-year-old Charlotte Hapfelmeier really made an incredibly courageous act and saved the family from unthinkable tragedy.

A few days after thanksgiving, her father, Eric Hapfelmeier, worked in the garage that repaired your truck. He backed the car and climbed under it. However, the backup failed and Eric was pinned under the car. Worst of all, leaking gasoline in the twinkling of an eye lit up.

«I was lying on his back, fiddling with brake wires, when suddenly the Jack slipped and the car crushed my shoulder,» said Eric Hapfelmeier.

Then the explosion occurred.

«I thought it was over, I was going to die,» he said.

Fortunately, Charlotte was home. She ran to the garage and helped my father to get out, but still she cannot explain how she managed to lift the car, where it came from power.

«When I tried to lift the truck, dad said,»just a little further, you got it,» said Charlotte. «Finally he managed to get out, it took me superhuman effort.»

Freeing your father, Charlotte jumped into the burning truck and drove it on three wheels to a safe distance from the garage.

«I was afraid I’d light up the house, so I jumped in the truck to drive it away. The car was on three wheels and on the pavement still remained deep furrows done it,» said Charlotte.

After Charlotte drove the truck, she went back to the garage and closed the door so the fire did not spread further. Then she ran into the house and brought out all who were there in the first place his little niece.

«I just was in the moment, so I don’t feel like a superhero or anything like that,» said Charlotte.

For his bravery Charlotte received an honorary award from a local rescue.

Last year Charlotte had graduated from high school in Mac lane and entered the air force Academy. But now she wants to interrupt the training at the Academy and to think about where to continue their education.

And just as Charlotte did, after I took care of my family (and besides the fact that she called 911). Grabbing the garden hose, she began to pour the blazing garage, the flame is not spread in the house. This is exactly what you should never do, warn the firefighters, because this should be handled by professionals

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