Australian Bigfoot – Yovi

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Австралийский снежный человек – йови

Although Bigfoot is found on almost all continents of our planet, except maybe Antarctica, in different parts of the world describe it in their own way and even the name of it is purely local. For example, in Australia this mysterious monster called Yovi (or AUI) .

Yovi – a legendary image or the real thing?

Yovi, like all other human-like humanoids of this type, has a huge increase (up to three meters and more), incredible strength and great speed of movement and, of course, the elusiveness, as all the «snow people».

The first written report of AUI refers to 1835 (book of John. Holman «Travel»), although the natives called it more «hairy devil» in their oral tradition kept many stories about meeting this monster. Moreover, the locals are very offended by the Europeans who did not believe in the job and was ridiculed those aboriginal people who have personally encountered the hairy devil.

But soon the Europeans began to meet with Yovi, in October, 1894, one Johnnie McWilliams was riding on horseback in the heart of new South Wales, when he noticed a mysterious shaggy man, who appeared from behind a tree. Just glancing briefly at johnny, Yovi fled to the wooded hill and quickly disappeared into the nearby Bush.

As noted by almost everyone who was «lucky» enough to see the hairy devil, Bigfoot Australia differed another interesting quality – equanimity. Here’s how the newspaper Sydney Herald the beginning of the last century:

George Summerell on horseback was caught by Yovi, who was drinking from a stream in the woods Bemboka (New South Wales). Hearing the snoring of a frightened horse, the APE-man straightened up to his full enormous height and calmly assessed the threat from man, then again down to the Creek, quench your thirst and also slowly stomped away, soon lost among the trees. Summeral was in shock, but great to remember almost human face of this creature is very intelligent and piercing his eyes.

Reports of meetings with Yovi did throughout the twentieth century. For example, he got work in the valley of the Grose (new South Wales) in April 1976, and March 5, 1978, about a meeting with a shaggy devil said the woodcutter, minced trees near Springbrook. And such information was a lot, probably even more just remained «between us»…

Yovi the Ripper kangaroo

The University of Sydney Professor Garry Opit was one of those scientists, who implicitly believed in the existence of Yovi and devoted to the study of this unique creatures of Australia for many years. That’s what he was told by a local resident and experienced hunter Frank field:

I see it a shaggy monster, huge and very strong, which preys on small kangaroo, leaving very distinctive tracks. He kills a kangaroo, carrying her in his hands, Brava insides and scattering them around. Dingo, for example, behave quite differently – they dragged the victim along the ground. But I never even heard that someone was able to catch or even shoot Yovi. Of course, these creatures are mostly nocturnal, but not only do we have and other nocturnal predators, however, to shoot and even catch them in a trap does not pose any difficulty. With Yovi such «jokes» are not…

Yovi elusive as any «snow man», brought the Professor to the idea that the creature is not only intelligent and cunning, but with some fantastic features, for example, hypnotizing people to avert their eyes, and then just «disappear into thin air. No wonder then believe in mysticism, or at least that Yovi, Bigfoot and other mysterious monsters are coming to us on Earth from another reality. It is not clear here is, why? Really, as a joke to some researchers, in their world tight with food, I have to go for it in our world? Or a symbiosis of the worlds created by Nature?..

Австралийский снежный человек – йови


…To receive information about the Bigfoot of Australia, and in our days, for example, in 2009 yove (AWI) attacked Pets, and he even suffered dog. Last year it even managed to shoot on video. Although Orthodox scientists immediately blamed it all on wild animals. That’s only «wild animals» do not behave wisely and even mystically, leave no trace, very similar to a human foot, and 50 cm or more in length…

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