Italian exorcist: «Hurricanes, floods, North Korea — these are all signs of an impending biblical Apocalypse»

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Итальянский экзорцист: "Ураганы, наводнения, Северная Корея - все это признаки надвигающегося библейского Апокалипсиса"

The Italian exorcist, or as it is called in his native country — «demon hunter», don Antonio Mattarelli (Don Antonio Mattatelli) made a number of disturbing allegations against the background of recent never-ending natural disasters. He said that all these hurricanes and earthquakes, an obvious sign of the approaching End of the world.

About it reports the British newspaper Ehre.

Mattarelli also very concerned about North Korea and its leader, he believes, that behind Kim Jong-UN is the Devil himself.

— This is not the end of the world, but it will be the end of the world as we know it, — said the exorcist, and Today is a natural phenomenon so powerful and sudden that we have no confidence in the future and we now stand at the end of the modern world.

Don Antonio is one of the most celebrated exorcists of Italy and regularly makes a loud public statement about certain snares of the Devil. He believes that Satan is present even in the Internet and the obsession with the Internet is akin to demonic possession.

The occasion for a fresh statement of the exorcist were catastrophic floods in Italy due to heavy rains, which killed 8 people. Earlier, the country has also suffered because of the earthquake.

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