Long cigar-shaped UFO hiding in the clouds below the ISS

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«I watched the live broadcast from the ISS and caught this cigar-shaped UFO with body. Judging by his appearance, it’s longer than a mile. But he is far away from the space station, so it is hard to determine for sure. I put a screenshot of the UFO in the corner so you know what to look for,» he wrote under his video, Scott C. Waring (see video below).

Длинный сигарообразный НЛО скрывается в облаках ниже МКС

Taiwan ufologist Scott C. Waring started a web site «UFO Sightings Daily» in 2010, and for the last 7 years he has published a lot of eyewitness accounts of UFOs and their research.

His site was one of the most popular among people who believe in extraterrestrial life. But suddenly the famous Explorer shut down your site without any explanation. On the main page of his website he wrote: «This is my last post. Thanks for 7 years of support».

«Can someone shut him up?» — puzzled his followers.

Some ufologists have been very concerned about this turn of events. One of them wrote on Twitter: «Perhaps the government or a secret organization threatening to Scott C. Waring?»

But Scott himself said that will no longer be engaged in UFOlogy, as researchers in this field are not taken seriously.

Long cigar-shaped UFO hiding in the clouds below the ISS / Mile long Cigar Shaped UFO Hiding In Clouds Below the Space Station

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