The Russian found the ancient «Stargate» and secretly travel to Saturn

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According to the insiders of NASA, from about 2015, the year on Earth is the technology moving in space-time using energy portals as a kind of gateways.

In the video, provided below, shows in detail how using a hypothetical space-time portals Russians are sending their ships to the Saturn, which reach almost in an instant.

Русские нашли древние «звездные врата» и тайно путешествуют к Сатурну

Currently, the public is familiar only fiction films and literary works, involving such a possibility. However, there are historical and insider testimony, claiming that such an experience can take place in reality.

According to some alternative researchers and conspiracy theorists, developed ancient civilizations certainly knew where there are portals that give access not only to other planets and star systems, but also to the inner part of the Earth.

In the context of this information, the NASA insider claims that this kind of portals appear everywhere and spontaneously as the result of some global processes in the Earth’s magnetic field. According to him, about 2015, the year the Russians found and secretly used such a portal, the original.

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