Near the Ground observed hundreds of giant UFO

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Возле Земли замечено более сотни гигантских НЛО

Some Western media have reported the approach of more than a hundred unidentified objects to our planet. Projects of non-profit plan shared coordinate data of alien ships, fixed in space.

Scientists-astronomers, it was noted that this has already happened in 2012. The huge size of the UFO of the same type, first considered the asteroids after two months will be close enough to the Ground. It may take a few weeks, and these objects will be able to capture through the telescope. Scientists have noted that one of the largest extraterrestrial facilities located at the coordinates 19 25 12-89 46 03.

When determining after a thorough research of what this unidentified object is an alien ship, you can talk about the beginning of the invasion of alien creatures to Earth in mass terms. Program «HAARP» has helped give evidence that objects of this kind have great potential and can harm our planet.

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