Sinister mystique new death in the Dyatlov Pass

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Зловещая мистика новой смерти на Перевале Дятлова

Deaf the tract’s Pass, located between the mountain Kholat syakhl, and ring height of 905 in the Northern Urals, was again the center of attention of the Russian and foreign press after died here on 18 September next adventure. This time the deadly «Bermuda triangle of Ural» took the life of 58-year-old Sergei Solomatin – Turner and an experienced traveler from Kemerovo .

Soromotin went with a group of other tourists to conquer a sinister place at night on February 2, 1959 under mysterious circumstances killed 9 people, headed by Igor Dyatlov. Near the river Culpa Sergei suddenly fell to the ground and writhed in strong convulsions. It happened almost the same place where frozen at the beginning of last year, the 47-year-old wanderer Oleg Borodin from Chelyabinsk.

Mystical coincidences

The story gets new interesting turn, as alternative researchers have discovered a series of mysterious coincidences between the death of Dyatlov’s group death and Soromotin. The so-called declawed in the collection and analysis of information about accidents on the pass, carefully studied the latest news about the incident here of the tragedy, as well as reviewed the facts from the biography of Sergei. And here’s what they concluded.

Зловещая мистика новой смерти на Перевале Дятлова

In the eyes of the experts immediately rushed to the date of birth of the deceased. Soromotin was born in 1959, at a time when the notorious expedition of Dyatlova. In addition, it became known that Sergey was born on January 26 – this day the tourist group Dyatlov came to the 41st precinct urban region of energeticamente, which became the starting point of the route. The next day, Dyatlova moved to the mountain Otorten.

Зловещая мистика новой смерти на Перевале Дятлова

Otorten played a fatal role in the journey of a group of Igor Dyatlov and the rise of the Siberian Soromotin. The Dyatlova planned to climb this peak after his cold night on the Mountain of the dead (there with them and something happened that is unexplained), Sergey passed away on the slope of Otorten, a few kilometers from the place of death of Dyatlov and his team. Ural ufologist Alex Martin believes that these facts cannot be ignored. Like, if a match has more than two, then it is no coincidence, and regularity.

A skeptical view of the death Soromotin

But Yuri Kuntsevich, head of the Foundation for the memory of Dyatlov’s group, in such «magic numbers» is not too believe. He reports that the notorious pass consistently attracts travelers, but in such a remote place, it is not equipped for tourists, to be very dangerous, and casualties occur almost every year. If you take a closer acquainted with the biographies of all those killed, surely we can find many other coincidences in dates.

Recall, for example, the well-known Paradox of birthdays, which is this: in a group of 23 people the probability that 2 of them birthday will fall on the same day exceeds 50%. The man in the street it’s hard to believe, but simple mathematical calculations confirm this information. It says only that the various coincidences concerning dates, in fact, can be not so improbable as it seems at first glance.

Зловещая мистика новой смерти на Перевале Дятлова

Native men are also not in a hurry to believe in the supernatural, or at least say so to journalists. Sergey, according to them, had health problems and have suffered in recent years, diabetes and asthma. In addition, 58 years – not 20, and at that age when a difficult transition through mountains health can really at a critical moment to bring a person. According to the MOE, Soromotin died of natural causes.

Beware Of The Dyatlov Pass

Meanwhile, the UFO Valentin Degterev, long explores the mysteries of Dyatlov Pass, encourages travelers to abandon any trips to this godforsaken place. Specialist is convinced that these deaths are the fault of unidentified flying objects. Valentin reports that not every person is going to pass, die, but life is deprived of any opportunity to lift the veil of secrecy there.

Зловещая мистика новой смерти на Перевале Дятлова

Degterev, by the way, is the owner of the 33rd, the last frame of the expedition, Igor Dyatlov. The image was obtained at the camera «Zorkiy» Yuri krivonischenko. The camera, mounted on a makeshift tripod, found in the tent. Apparently, in the last minutes of being there Dyatlova put the camera on a tripod to take this picture. The shows something glowing or burning in the darkness. After a detailed study of image Valentin came to the conclusion that on the 33rd frame captured the true «flying saucer».

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