Foreign mystique. The US sent Cuban diplomats for «acoustic weapons»

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The United States decided to send 15 Cuban diplomats, saying that the Cuban authorities are unable to protect employees of the American Embassy in Havana from a mysterious acoustic influences. The Cuban foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez called the decision unacceptable.

This move by the US state Department followed otzyvom more than half of the employees of the American Embassy in the Cuban capital. More than 20 U.S. Embassy staff suffered from a mysterious acoustic attacks over the past few months.

«This decision was made as a result of the inability of Cuba to take the necessary measures to protect our diplomats according to their obligations under the Vienna Convention. This step will ensure equality in our diplomatic relations,» reads the statement of US state Secretary Rex Tillerson, released on Tuesday.

Cuban diplomats are given seven days to pack. The Cuban foreign Minister called the decision unjustified.

Внешнеполитическая мистика. США высылают кубинских дипломатов из-за «акустического оружия»

Previously, more than 20 employees of the U.S. Embassy in Cuba reported about unexplained health problems, including symptoms of a concussion, vertigo and deafness. It was suggested that these problems could be caused by exposure to acoustic waves, but no evidence of this was obtained.

Cuba denies the possibility of such acoustic effects, and the United States have so far refrained from direct accusations against the Cuban government.

The Cuban reaction to the decision of the administration to trump the expulsion of two thirds of the staff of the Cuban Embassy from Washington is, as expected, outrage. USA, view of Havana, showing irresponsibility and haste without providing the slightest evidence that American diplomats injured in fact.

Cuban doctors, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez, was not admitted to the affected employees of the American Embassy or the American doctors who assisted them.

Cuban-American relations worsened again, just a few months almost completely and had spent the reserves of goodwill that was created under President Obama. The current crisis in relations between the two countries has caught the millions of Cubans who hoped to visit their relatives in the US and whose us visa has now been suspended.

The only positive thing in this situation is that diplomatic relations were not interrupted and that the Cubans have indicated their willingness to cooperate with the U.S. side in search of a solution to the problem.

«We continue to maintain diplomatic relations with Cuba and will continue to cooperate with Cuba in the investigation of these attacks,» reads the statement of the Secretary of state.

Last week, U.S. officials said: «We do not know the technical means and method used in such attacks.»

Mysterious acoustic stimulation in Cuba

  • By the end of 2016: employees of embassies of the USA and Canada are starting to complain about unexplained health problems
  • May 2017: the US expelled two Cuban diplomats
  • August: the US says that 16 staff members of the Embassy received medical assistance, but the attacks stop
  • Early September: the U.S. claim that the attacks are continuing and that 19 employees of the Embassy were injured
  • September 29: a Washington recall of the diplomats, said that 21 employees of the Embassy were injured, and warn American citizens to refrain from traveling to Cuba
  • Oct 3: the US sent Cuban diplomats from Washington
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