Chupacabra exists?

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Unknown and inexplicable: the Chupacabra exists? About various bloodsuckers filmed many films and written many books. In them monsters who drink blood, face the audience or reader in different ways, from the aristocratic count Dracula, Bram Stoker to monsters that have nothing to do with people shot by Rodriguez and Tarantino.

Чупакабра существует?

However, at the end of XX beginning of XXI centuries the world has heard about the new vampires, which, in contrast to the traditional drink blood from animals. The monster called Chupacabra which loosely translated from Spanish means «drinking the goats.»

The first mention of «animate vampire» refers to the stories of more than sixty years ago, when Puerto Rican farmers found completely drained of blood a few goats. Thirty years later, information about similar events started to arrive from other parts of Latin America. There were witnesses who claimed that the Chupacabra is similar to a kangaroo crossed with a wolf or a coyote. At the beginning of the XXI century reports about the murder «goat vampire» or shot video of the creature appeared in all parts of the globe – North and South America, Europe, and even on the Malay archipelago.

Many of the facts of catching the monsters are either a mistake or a hoax. For example, often the Chupacabra accept foxes, coyotes and other predatory animals. But to say with absolute certainty that «drinking goats» is fiction, not worth it. Video of the creature captured by the U.S. police and eyewitnesses-police confirm that there is an animal, similar to foxes, coyotes or dogs; but in the mythology of Mesopotamia, as well as in the mythology of the Aztecs and the Maya, there are drinking the blood of demons, descriptions similar to «goat vampire». Chupacabra in Ukraine and in Russia, the news channels showed scenes of the capture of the unknown animal with strong back legs and razor sharp teeth. News about the blood sucking animals (not only goats, but also chickens, rabbits) came from the Volga region, the Altai, the Urals, the Central part of the Russian Federation.

Victims and eyewitnesses from all over the world are discovering many facts about the actions of the monster. First, the Chupacabra never eats meat production, feeding on blood alone. Secondly, «drinking goats» quiet, nimble, quick, virtually invisible. Thirdly, don’t notice it neither tenants nor guard dogs.

So what is Chupacabra? A demon from ancient myths and legends? Random mutation of predators that arise spontaneously in different parts of the globe? Alien creature? Monster, bred in the laboratories of the mysterious «Area 51», which, incidentally, is close to Central America? It is unknown whether we will get ever the answer. But in any case, having Pets, should be on your guard, and then suddenly the ancient Aztecs weren’t wrong?, materials

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