Residents of the Krasnodar territory was frightened by the fall of an unknown object

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Residents of the Krasnodar territory scared of falling «a meteorite» night. However, scientists doubt that was flying in the sky the space object.

Жителей Краснодарского края напугало падение неизвестного объекта

On the evening of 8 September, the inhabitants of the Kuban was not sleep – many had hoped to see the Northern lights due to powerful solar flares.

In different years a beautiful phenomenon was seen in the latitude of Moscow, Volgograd and even on the territory of Krasnodar region. It is likely that the inhabitants of the Kuban will be able to see the Aurora this time — said Kuban astronomers.

«Aurora» so anyone not lucky enough to see, but the inhabitants of the region noticed in the sky a bright ball of fire — he was headed to the Northern part of the sky. He saw thousands of residents.

— Now located near the «Bridge of kisses» in Krasnodar, a huge fireball flew towards Turgenevskiy bridge, — writes Anastasia krasnodarka.

Were eyewitnesses from Belorechensk, Krasnaya Polyana, Armavir, Settlement, Anapa and Sochi, which also claim that he saw a bright flash in the sky. Fireball, according to them, flew from South to North, leaving behind a glowing tail. Then divided into several pieces and went out.

Photos of the groups in contact «Astronomers Amateurs»

Жителей Краснодарского края напугало падение неизвестного объекта

Жителей Краснодарского края напугало падение неизвестного объекта

— All occurred at 21:40. At first we thought it was fireworks. But when he got home, I found out that this meteorite. It is a pity that this time was not at hand camera, — says Ilya noble.

In the regional emergencies Ministry applications have been received. About destructions or victims are not reported. About how he landed a ball of fire on the territory of Kuban, is unknown. However, the Krasnodar scientists doubt that over the edge of a meteorite flying.

— I watched all the videos online, where eyewitnesses reported about the flight of the car, and of course I have more questions than answers. Let’s start with the fact that to capture the meteorite is extremely difficult. And then the witness from beginning to end showed a glowing object, set focus, set the night mode.

But even if we assume that the camera is quickly turned, the sky was still not a meteorite, but rather flares, — said the head of the Observatory of the Kuban state University Alexander Ivanov.

According to the scientist, the meteor is the bright particle which enters the atmosphere and is visible at the limit of human vision. And a meteorite is a space object or its fragment, which managed to «survive» a flight through the atmosphere and fell to the ground.

Alexander Sendecki managed to capture on video the flight of an unknown object

There is another concept of the astronomers – a fireball is a very bright phenomenon.

— If we assume that in the sky flew a rocket, you need to thoroughly investigate, interview witnesses. In the video we can say that it was a «mid-priced» car. Flight it may be accompanied by thundering sounds, the thin whistling and even to end with a Bang.

Remember what happened in Chelyabinsk, — continues Alexander Ivanov. Fragments of the space object may not look and they fell to the ground. Three parts that you see in the video, went out in the sky.

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