Revenge monks from the slain staff of the Kazan Cheka

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Месть монахам от убитых ими сотрудников Казанского ЧК

Kazan researcher of anomalous phenomena K. Ishmuratov unearthed one day a rather mysterious story connected with the famous monastery of Raifa, in Kazan.

In the summer of 1918 while trying to expropriate grain from the vaults of the monastery, the monks killed and burned three employees of the Kazan Cheka and four fighters of the international battalion.

According to the KGB, in the monastery was based counterrevolutionary organization headed by Lieutenant Benjamin Sekuloski. She played in the murder of his important role, but it is also true that the execution took place in a huge concourse of people, and the peasants were that day on the side of the monks.

Arrived punitive expedition met with the desperate resistance of the servants of God, and then was surprised to find that the monks as the water sank, disappearing in the numerous secret passages of the monastery. After several months, the Kazan was captured by the white Czechs in and the monks-the killers returned to his abode.

In one of the August evenings Abbot Varsonofy included in the prayer hall to light the lamp, accidentally looked at the faces of the saints and uttered a cry of horror. From the wall looked at him… faces of the killed security officers.

The cry of the Abbot ran one of the nearby monks. Devoutly crossing himself and murmuring a prayer, Barsanuphius pointed out to him on the Church wall. But… again there were only the faces of the saints.

The following night, the hieromonk Azarias was returning from a neighboring village. Near the monastery gate, just at the place where he was shot by security officers, azariy suddenly saw him moving towards the figure. What was the condition of the priesthood, when he recognized the approaching man… the murdered security officer by the name of Lavrynovych!

With a cry of «Begone, Satan!» Hazard sent the Ghost of the crucifixion, and he immediately disappeared.

A few days later hieromonk Macarius woke up in the night with a strange feeling. He thought next to him someone is. Indeed, in the dark blackened someone’s silhouette, but the next moment, the monk heard a muffled voice mutter, «Pray, contra!».

Without a doubt, the voice belonged to another slain security officer — Nesmelova. Then he clicked platoon of the trigger. But as soon as Macarius said loudly the prayer, the vision disappeared.

Further the lives of the inhabitants of the monastery turned into a sequence of nightmares. By nightfall the voices and figures of executed security officers began to appear in one, then in another part of the monastery. The sprinkling of the premises with Holy water, made the terrified monks, gave no effect.

Unusual was the fact of the death of Lieutenant Scooterstore. Trying to escape from subsequent safe house security officers, Sekuloski in the dark fell into a deep well, the frame of which was almost level with the ground.

After recovering the body of Lieutenant from a well in his glassy eyes, one of the doctors allegedly saw… captured the face of a third victim from the walls of the monastery of the security officer — Fedora Copco. If that were true, concludes K. Ishmuratov, then a second before the death of the Lieutenant faced the Ghost. It probably makes him a terrible fate.

According to some accounts, Abbot Varsonofy, who fled with the whites, also died under very strange circumstances.

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