Marie-Jeanne Kofman: half a lifetime in search of Bigfoot

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Half of his long life-born in France and worked in the Soviet Union surgeon, mountaineer and cryptozoologist Marie-Jeanne Kofman (she is now 98 years old!) dedicated to finding Bigfoot, or almasty, as it is called in Kabardino-Balkaria.

Мария-Жанна Кофман: Полжизни в поисках Снежного человека

It is to be treated the locals whenever there or here noticed anything with almasty. One reported that from a distance saw the fleeing figure, reminiscent of a Yeti. Another showed huge footprints in the snow. The third brought scraps of wool.

All the evidence for the existence of Bigfoot Jeanne Kofman carefully collected and analyzed. She did not doubt the reality of the Yeti, believing it to be a transitional species from APE to man.


In 1950-ies of Azerbaijan and southern Dagestan began to receive reports of meetings in the mountains with the creature, not something resembling a large monkey, not a tall man, covered with hair. In the end messages have accumulated so much that they had to react.

And to close this issue, officials of the party leadership issued instructions to the experts of the USSR Academy of Sciences to prepare competent expedition enlarged, which, in particular, included even some party officials.

Мария-Жанна Кофман: Полжизни в поисках Снежного человека A scientific expedition headed by a social scientist Boris Fedorovich Porshnev. And Joan Coffman was invited as a doctor. In 1958, scientists went to the Pamirs. The survey of 200 residents from different parts of the Caucasus, even the most hardened skeptics among the party officials were convinced that Bigfoot is a real creature. And therefore the leadership of Dagestan was instructed to find him and catch.


However, this plan came to nothing. «Why?» — once asked Zhanna Kofman of the expedition 1958 became the tireless researcher of Bigfoot.

«Yes, for the reason, the woman replied, — that he never stays in the same place. Today it is seen here, but tomorrow should be sought 10-30 kilometers away. And if you take into account that the message from the farmer or shepherd who saw Bigfoot, comes, as a rule, very late, the search, and even more catching almasty becomes practically hopeless.»

Besides, Bigfoot is very careful. If shown to the people, at an unattainable distance: it and take a picture of something really fails, not what to see. Jeanne herself several times seen Bigfoot, but also from afar. But she became his chronicler.

With my own money she founded in 1960 in Kabardino-Balkaria, in the village of Sarmakovo, database search expedition, which operated until recently. For 40 years of tireless research in her journals accumulated tens of thousands of facts and stories associated with Bigfoot. And even more — eyewitness accounts. Here are just some of them.


Мария-Жанна Кофман: Полжизни в поисках Снежного человека In 1989 enthusiast from Kharkov — Panchenko — lucky. One of the locals told him that almasty taking care of his ailing horse and comes to visit her at night. (For some unknown reasons, the Yeti is very sensitive to the horses: care for them and even braid the mane in braids.)

The researcher decided to take advantage of the situation and the evening hiding in the barn. Soon in the silence he heard someone shuffling footsteps. And a moment later in the doorway Panchenko saw almasty. He approached the horse, which did not show the slightest concern, began to stroke her and something gently to mutter in his ear. Panchenko decided to get a better look, but awkwardly turned around in his hideout. It was enough to almosty like a spring, rushed to the exit. Only saw him…

A group of Muscovites led by A. Danilova had a chance to meet not just Bigfoot, but a whole family. Mother with cubs enjoyed corn on the cob on the collective farm. But at the sight of the people, the female hominid then started to drive the children into the thicket of corn, cautiously turning to the intruders.

The kids, as it should in childhood, defiantly Dodge and all strove to consider the «strange creatures» — researchers. But the mother cope with them. People showed respect to the family — no one to pester him with their curiosity.

According to statistics, which was led by Jeanne Kofman, people only seven times had the good fortune to observe a young Bigfoot. Most kids walked alone. Though, perhaps, their accompanying adults simply do not come to the attention of eyewitnesses. To disguise themselves they are masters. Besides the Yeti by bitter experience learned that a rendezvous with a man does not always end well.

According to Jeanne Kofman, five such meetings ended with the murder of almasty. Four more times the people were able to catch a Yeti. However, then they were released. Also aware of three instances of the capture of Bigfoot. Yeti tamed, and they lived in families of highlanders, serving and doing hard work.

Мария-Жанна Кофман: Полжизни в поисках Снежного человека


Jeanne Coffman could tell almasty indefinitely, but it is never repeated and not to fall into fanaticism. No matter how skeptical attitude of the official science to the subject of her research, Jeanne herself was always first and foremost a research scientist, far from romance. She has traveled on horseback or by car and walked on foot with a backpack almost the whole of the Caucasus.

Her lively character and good fellowship opened doors for her homes and the souls of the mountaineers. From them she heard many interesting things about almasty. Almost all the information about the snow man we know today, became public is largely due to the cooperation of Jeanne Coffman.

She is now 98 years old, and lately she’s confined to a wheelchair. But in the North Caucasus of it is still legends. From all over the country and even from abroad come here for enthusiasts to try in search of the mysterious creature in the world of Bigfoot.

Мария-Жанна Кофман: Полжизни в поисках Снежного человека

Irina ZHUKOVA, the magazine «Mysteries of the twentieth century», No. 16 2017

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