The story of a huge moth on the Norwegian lighthouse

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История с огромным мотыльком на норвежском маяке

This story was published in the American tabloid Weekly World News in may 1992. As this newspaper regularly published pretty yellow stories about paranormal phenomena, this article also automatically considered fantasy. Sometimes she appears in various books about mysterious monsters, but in General it dismissed as a recognized fake.

And however this case is quite original for an outright forgery. Stories about seeing huge insects occur much less than meeting aliens, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, and other, already familiar to all monsters.

So, American tabloid reported that in early 1992, one night, a huge moth with a wingspan of approximately ten feet, burned in the fire sea lighthouse in Norway, beyond the Arctic circle, near the city of Bodø (Bodø).

Lighthouse Keeper Carl Fridenson first took this fantastic insect for the plane. He was struck by the rapid maneuvers of the winged creatures, he didn’t understand what was happening. Guess about the plane, flown by some incredible way to the lighthouse and literally tossing in a wide beam of light, sometimes leaving it was born quite naturally: is it possible to prevent even the thought of an insect or other living being such fantastic proportions?

Emerged from the darkness of the night a giant moth crashed into the end to the top of the lighthouse. Blow was such force that Fridenson seemed as if an earthquake started. Being at this time at the foot of the lighthouse, he immediately began to climb the stairs.

What he saw shocked him, literally: being, breaking the glass of a powerful spotlight, was on the hot electrodes and is almost completely burned. Nevertheless, even his remains was like a horrible stills from horror films.

Some scientists-entomologists, and later studied in the laboratory of cloth creatures came after numerous experiences to the unanimous conclusion that they belong to the moth-mutant or, at least, unknown to science giant insect with wings.

According to them, the butterfly, the monster could fly, likely from South America, areas which to this day remains poorly understood and which many people consider the place where one of the passages in parallel worlds.

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