The strange events in the house near the cemetery

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Странные происшествия в доме возле кладбища

About 300 metres from our neighborhood is a cemetery. But we are not afraid. As the locals say-Karelians, be afraid of living, not the dead.

Near our house is a house Ivanov. Now there lives one mistress Tatiana, she is about 60 years. Her mother, Baba Shura, and her husband Victor died two years ago, and children live separately. I want to write about the strange things that’s happened in their house.

About three years ago Baba Shura in the morning sat in the kitchen drinking tea. Suddenly from the room came her son-in-law Victor, walked silently through the kitchen into another room, opened the bookcase, there is something looked — and shut it again.

Then silently went to his room. Baba Shura called to him: «Victor, Victor!» but he didn’t even turn around. A few minutes later Tatyana came from the street. Baba Shura asked her:

— Why Victor had not gone to work for nine hours?

Tanya was surprised:

— He’s gone! Behind him at seven in the morning the car came and took him to the field.

Victor that day really was in the field — he worked as a tractor driver at the farm. Both women were surprised and didn’t know what to think.

After a few months was another story. From St. Petersburg for the holiday season Lena, daughter Tanya. She sat in the kitchen and embroidered cross, she has such a hobby. The house was no one else.

Lena became interested in embroidery and did not understand whether to open the door, only heard someone walking in the room. He raised his head and saw a woman Shura member from the room into the kitchen.

She went into her bedroom, opened the bedside table, closed her and, without saying a word, went into the other room. Lena several times called out to grandmother, but she did not seem to hear what her name is. Lena continued to embroider, marveling at how strangely behaved Baba Shura, if it hurt someone.

After some time, Tatiana came home from work. Lena asked her mother,

— What, grandmother hurt someone, why is she with me did not speak?

— Have you forgotten? — was surprised Tatyana. — I told you that grandma’s not home, she’s gone for a week to relatives.

Lena was even more surprised, because she saw firsthand Babu Shura! They went together to the room where Baba Shura, but there was nobody there.

After about a month Victor was in the hospital with high blood pressure. The family had a large farm: cow, bull, calf and chickens. Night Tatiana came to us with a request to visit Victor in the hospital because the bull obeys only him.

Told that the calf came out of his pen (somehow managed to open it, although it was closed on the hook), came to the bull, and he pulled the chain that was tied to a post, tore it, threw himself on the calf and stabbed him with her horn.

All this supposedly happened in front of Tanya.

My husband went with her, for Viktor. Brought it all together went to the shed and there saw the bull playing with a calf unharmed.

After such a history Tanya asked the priest to consecrate their home and farmland. More nothing like this has happened.

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