Black witch from New Orleans says that can cure cancer, talking with a demon

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A resident of New Orleans (USA), known as Savannah (Savannah), calls herself the Black witch and says that can cure people from many deadly diseases, including cancer, talking to demons, and signing contracts with Satan himself.

Черная ведьма из Нового Орлеана уверяет, что может излечивать рак, разговаривая с демоном

According to Savannah she practices a style of black magic called «Left Hand Path» and already changed the lives of many thousands of people who became its followers.

46-year-old black witch said in an interview with British newspaper the Sun that she recently treated a 23-year resident of Los Angeles, who was a police officer and was on the last 4-stage of leukemia (blood cancer).

The young man’s mother sought out a black witch and asked her to save her son. To cure the guy of Savannah, according to her, needed to summon the demon Astaroth and talk with the patient.

Due to the severity of his illness, Savannah also had to resort to the help of his coven — his followers, who «shared with her their life energy» which she then handed to the patient to improve his aura.

Sign Savannah coven

Черная ведьма из Нового Орлеана уверяет, что может излечивать рак, разговаривая с демоном

Shortly after her manipulations got a notice that the patient has entered remission (disappearance of symptoms), and even the doctors were stunned, not knowing how it happened. This kid’s mother wrote on the website of the Savannah.

In her letter said that she understood, that recovery will have to enlist the help of Lucifer and his demons, but she had no choice as the doctors each time insisted on a stronger chemotherapy, from which her son suffered and which did not bring him relief.

The mother describes that during the rites of a witch her son’s heart stopped and he actually died that day, 28 June 2017. But five minutes later he recovered and then began to recover with minimal damage. When her son was revived during these 5 minutes, the mother imagined as «a Powerful Lord Lucifer led the attack on the cancer to destroy it.»

«Left Hand Path» (left-hand Path) is the name given to describe a system of esoteric knowledge and practices, this system is also known as a Black Art. The term came to the Western magical tradition of Tantrism and was adopted by Aleister Crowley, whose brother (or adept of the left path) was the one who failed to pass through the gates of the abyss and Daat. Later the same term was used by LaVey and became almost synonymous with Satanism. In a more General sense, the left-hand path is individualism, the pursuit of our desires and needs, the absence of austerity.

No actual evidence confirming the words of the black witch, of course not, that is not stopping millions of people to seek her out. In 2017 the site is already visited by 5 million people.

According to Savannah she’s also cured with the help of a voodoo doll of one of his followers, who suffered from illness and had underwent a serious operation on the brain. Savannah has also treated members of his family, including his grandmother, whom the doctors had left only two months of life.

Savannah with his grandmother cured

Черная ведьма из Нового Орлеана уверяет, что может излечивать рак, разговаривая с демоном

Savannah is not only a black witch, but the mother of three children. However, motherhood did not interfere with her work. Savannah recognizes that the lack of skeptics who don’t believe in her powers, but claims that demons are very powerful.

Savannah also owns a variety of magic spells that can give money, power, revenge or success. According to her every week with her contacts for advice on various issues from 10 to 20 people. But she also warns that black magic «Left Hand Path» can be very dangerous and she saw one day an evil power has made of his followers real zombie.

— This type of magic is very dangerous, because if you start to use it and not competent in it, you can attract entities of the lower level. They will attach themselves to you like parasites or will be hiding in the corners of your home and hurt you in different ways. They can cause real problems and to drive people to severe depression.

Черная ведьма из Нового Орлеана уверяет, что может излечивать рак, разговаривая с демоном

I also always tell people that they should not engage in black magic in the house where there are small children, because. they are very receptive and open to the spiritual world through a sixth sense and your imagination.

Savannah admits that sometimes she used her black magic for dark purposes, such as revenge on someone. But justified that it was the people who wanted to harm her and her family.

One man, who made me a lot worse, I’ve cursed the «curse of generations», which will affect his soul in the past and in the future.

According to statistics cited by The Sun, the occult more than two million followers in the U.S. and about 50 thousand in the UK and is one of the most rapidly growing forms of religions.

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