The visits of the deceased husband

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G. A. Konovalova from the settlement Novobureyskiy-2 Amur region has told about how in December 1987, a wordsmith visited a log hut in which lived and still lives the family of kanavalau.

«My eighteen-year-old daughter Marina was friends with one young man, whose name was Eugene. He was without memory in love with her.

In may 1987, Eugene was drafted into the army. There he soon died under mysterious circumstances.

Визиты погибшего жениха

In early December, ten days after his death, the lead coffin was brought home. Genia was buried at our local cemetery. It’s hard to remember how wept and grieved at his funeral my baby.

Three days later, after the funeral has begun in our house something horrible. Emphasize, that in our house, not in the house of the parents of the deceased. How would fly something invisible in the air and face Abdul at the moment tight stream of cold air.

And then suddenly heard the sound of someone sweeping with a broom the floor. And literally every night at exactly eleven o’clock our whole family can clearly hear coming through the open window, the sound of the gate outside the window of the hut, and then a loud crunch of snow under heavy boots.

Marina rushed to the window screaming:

— Again Genia with that light came!

And my husband ran out to the threshold of the hut, but no one else in the yard was not detected.

Twice the invisible, who slammed the gate and lingered late at night in the yard, went to the door leading into the house. The hook on the inside of the door immediately flew himself up out of the gate hinge. That’s all subsided.

On the night of New year we all heard the invisible man sat down to the holiday dinner table and began munching loudly, there. If you only knew how we were scared!

And a few days later, Marina went to the store for shopping. When I got back I was horrified. One of the many beds in the house were flooded. It turned out that all bedding, including foam mattress, you’re soaked…».

The end of the story, unfortunately, is unknown.

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