Soldiers of the U.S. Navy spoke about the kidnapping of two people by aliens

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Soldiers of the U.S. Navy spoke about the kidnapping of two people by aliens. He described the space ship is the same as two of the victims, but they had never met.

Солдат ВМФ США рассказал о похищении двух людей инопланетянами

Tale of two citizens of the United States 28 years ago, associated with their alien abduction has received unexpected continuation. As it turned out, there was an independent witness of this episode. The man described the place where this happened and time. His story exactly fit with the words visited the «flying saucer» men.

It became known that the man has served all his life in the U.S. Navy, spoke about the incident 28 years ago. He said that he had seen a UFO over the Pascagoula river together with his colleagues. From his words follows, that driving on the highway home, they saw an object similar to a tambourine, and all the burning lights. They pulled off the road and more than a minute I watched him. After a short hovering above the trees the ship, probably belonging to the stranger, left the area and disappeared forever. Later they told what they saw, but their words are taken for lies.

As it turned out, this information is indirectly confirmed by the words of two other men, all these years, claiming that they had been abducted by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. It happened exactly where a retired military man saw a UFO with your friends. Men repeatedly claimed that he had been on Board the spacecraft and spent some time. They even described the aliens that came in contact with them. These creatures had a complex and daunting structure of the body and as if possessed telepathy.

Experts have compared the data obtained from all independent witnesses and agreed that we are talking about the same incident. They also confirm that these people are strangers and could not fabricate information. In addition, one stolen all those years told me the same thing, never adding unnecessary, not previously mentioned parts, and besides that he’s even being under the influence of hypnosis were told the same story, repeating it word for word. So there is the likelihood that this incident actually happened to these people and the new information adds confidence in it.

Recall that in Australia the aliens often abduct people, to read.

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