Near the Land there is a mini-portal to a parallel world

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Рядом с Землёй есть мини-портал в параллельный мир

Scientists working in American and European research institutions, was made a surprising conclusion, to some extent, admitting one put forward by Einstein’s theory. They found that on Earth there is a portal leading to a parallel world.

Even the famous Einstein at the time, voiced the theory of the existence of parallel worlds having different coordinate system, different from the usual people.

Scientists managed to find out what can be called «gates» to other worlds that are close to our planet and possibly adapted for communication with the external environment, taking account of the curvature of space, it is proved before.

Many scientists agree that found near Earth «the gates» consists of a curvature spaces, which are a kind of a layering of two realities existing in parallel worlds.

Before Einstein in his famous theory of relativity was even predicted that there is a certain effect which is a phenomenon in which the body moves in curved space-time, is aimed in a different direction relative to the axis of own rotation. So there are some ports in parallel worlds.

Thus, it is not a fiction, and to some extent scientifically supported by eminent scientists.

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