Mysterious ice block fell from the sky in Scotland

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Загадочная ледяная глыба упала с неба в Шотландии

Residents of the Scottish village of Busby in the County of East Renfrewshire was shocked when the morning of September 26 on their site fell from the sky a huge ice block forming in the garden a massive crater.

Family Halliwell calmly having Breakfast, when he heard outside a loud whistle was followed by a deafening explosion that the Windows rattled Windows. When the Scots looked out into the garden, we saw a four-foot crater filled with white «stones» .

Загадочная ледяная глыба упала с неба в Шотландии

Just leaving the house and studying suddenly formed a hole, the owners realized that it was not any stones, and large pieces of ice. Spouse Ross and Lindsay was both scared and grateful for what is outside at the moment of falling boulders was not their daughters Eliza and Nuala. Be it a weekend, and the girls would play from early in the morning in the garden, and not going to school, and the result could very tragic. However, despite the fact that the misfortune has avoided a family party Helliwell still decided to seek clarification from the staff of the nearest meteorological station.

Загадочная ледяная глыба упала с неба в Шотландии

Experts have suggested that ice could fall from the plane. Say, when the airplane is at high altitude, his body can numerate ice, which will fall down when lowering the flying ship in the warmer air layers. However, this explanation can hardly be considered true for one simple reason: the same giant icicles falling from the sky in many parts of the earth long before the invention of the first aircraft. Moreover, the pilots and makers of aircraft categorically deny such a possibility. Remains one explanation – aliens…

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