The sun showed its «dark heart»

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Солнце показало свое «темное сердце»

In the night from 2 to 3 Oct our star is pleased astronomers another unique manifestation of its activity: on the surface of the magnetic field lines suddenly appeared a strange figure in the form of «hearts», whose center was directed towards our planet .

«Dark heart» of the Sun lasted several hours, and then disappeared. However, scientists not only fixed it, but have collected all the data for further study.

The staff of the Laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun Physical Institute of the RAS said that the outline «drawn» by cold magnetic loops that look whiter dark against the glow of field Lights. The size of «dark of heart» amounted to about a million kilometers in diameter.

By the way, the Sun produces similar periodic shapes, such as arrows, birds, some mysterious continents. This happens, scientists say, because of the complex interactions of surface and internal magnetic fields.

Unfortunately, all of these «arts» of the Sun while seem to be random, and that the current «sketch» of the heart while nothing says researchers of such phenomena. However, in the future they hope to discover the secret of the creative Luminaries of the laboratory and on the basis that more accurately predict its activity, for example, solar flares.

However, to predict such outbreaks is not to protect the Earth from the «surprises» of the Sun, as in the case of global energy will shift the Earth, we still shall not be able to resist the blow or Dodge it. However, the current attempts of scientists in this regard may help people in the future more closely «friends» with the Sun and not so dramatically dependent on the «whims»…

Video: the Sun showed its «dark heart»

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