New visit of the Man-Moth. In suburban Chicago girl saw «Black Devil»

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Chicago researcher of anomalous phenomena Navarette Manuel (Manuel Navarette), collecting all the cases of meetings with the Moth Man in Chicago, said that he got a new testimony from an eyewitness.

Новый визит Человека-Мотылька. В пригороде Чикаго девушка видела "Черного Дьявола"

— It happened in September 12, 2017, about ten at night, — says the anonymous witness, I went to work at the Millard Avenue in the little village (a suburb of Chicago) and decided to look into the store to buy small things. When I left the store, I went down the Avenue and suddenly saw ahead what I thought was a very tall man. But he had huge black wings and two bright glowing orange eyes.

At first I somehow thought that maybe it’s just a big owl on the road, but the closer I came, the more I realized that this is a human being and the growth of it about 7 feet (about 2 meters) and I growth is only 5.4 feet (163 cm) and this thing literally towered over me.

He just stood and watched me for about 10 minutes and was making a weird chirping sound. As I slowly walked right at him and thought it was the Devil himself. I began to pray silently. I kept going because I knew if I stop, I’m literally paralyzed with fear.

Новый визит Человека-Мотылька. В пригороде Чикаго девушка видела "Черного Дьявола"

When between us was less than 20 feet (6 meters), he suddenly screamed very loudly, as though trying to warn me, and the next moment jumped up and flew toward West 25th Street.

I watched him disappear in the darkness of the night and continued to pray silently, and when I came home, I became hysterical. I cried and my family didn’t understand what happened to me.

I told them everything I saw and my grandmother said that either it was the Devil himself, or Lechusa (Lechusa). Lechuza — bird-like creature, like the owl, from Latin American folklore. Grandma said that I was lucky and that prayer to protect me from this creature.

That night I slept tightly closed window blinds closed and the lights on. I’m still afraid that this thing will find me and come after me. I pray to God never to see her again.

Новый визит Человека-Мотылька. В пригороде Чикаго девушка видела "Черного Дьявола"

Researcher Navarette confirmed that she met with him looked scared, though when she told him this story took place more than two days after the incident. Also, she said that previously she had heard in the neighborhood of little village the story of a «Black Devil», which is called here “Un Diablo Negro”. That is, it is not one met with this creature.

Peak reports of the meeting in Chicago with a black winged humanoid came in the spring of 2017. The descriptions of the creature is very similar to the famous monster of the Man-Moth from point pleasant.

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