Trust your subconscious

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One of us this does not happen: suddenly acting contrary to all logic, can’t give a rational explanation for his behavior, and only then comes the understanding that that was the right thing to do. Apparently, in such moments, we are controlled by the subconscious. As proof, I want to tell you two stories from my life.

July 1965. I had just graduated from military school, became an officer-Builder. Food by local train to the place of my first service at the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site. And saw in front of me sits a Colonel Louchsky, head of a top-secret research laboratory school. About it among the teachers and students was legendary.

Доверяйте своему подсознанию

He often suddenly disappeared, then suddenly appeared to beat out from the budget of the school funds for their secret research, and again gone. Under his leadership, worked for several seniors, but what they worked for, nobody knew.

However, as one of those guys on behalf of Vuckova approached me with a request to translate the English article of an American military journal about the trials of high power ammunition.

And here Louchsky next to me in the car, on the way to a nuclear test site.

So, here he is dnyuet and spends the night, that’s where lost!

The Colonel spotted me and invited me to sit next to him. Struck up a conversation. Louchsky remembered how she worried when he went to his first duty station. And suddenly asked:

— How would you feel if tomorrow, when you will be submitted to the commander, I’ll approach him and ask to send you to me? Sure, failure will not.

Hints that and thesis I early to write… But about the content of future activities Louchsky refrained to say anything. And I already knew.

So, it’s one thing to go into the unknown, the other — that is, help, support! Do science, explore, experiment. And even dissertation Shine! But… I refuse:

— No, comrade Colonel! Not I need to start the service.

Why — and he didn’t understand. But so wanted to agree.

Over the next 10 years, one after another died, two of my classmate and the guy I was translating an article from a foreign magazine (incidentally, he very quickly became a doctor of technical Sciences).

All three conducted experiments under the guidance of Vuckova at the nuclear test site. And Nikolay Pavlovich Louchsky later became head of our school, Lieutenant-General and even an academician.

Now I know who warned me. Yes it is, darling … It sensed the danger long before I could recognise it.

Too cool!

It was a winter evening in 2003 in Moscow. I was riding in the bus. At one of the stops on the street people’s militia in the crowded trolley squeezed the young man in boloneva jacket, a black knit sports cap and stood near me. «Killer» — somehow I thought, and looked at his watch. It was 18:45.

The next morning the TV news said: «Yesterday evening, at approximately 18:30, the house 26 down the street people’s Militia, on the landing outside his apartment, shot in the head with a pistol was killed by a prominent businessman… the Murderer mingled with the crowd of passers-by on the street.»

What is it — a coincidence? Hardly. It was probably the same killer. But why do I know?

I have long thought, and then realized.

Yes, the face of this man does not look like a typical criminal. Except… he was too calm. His whole appearance said that he was in control and told myself: «I am calm… I am calm… my face did not falter not a muscle. I am calm… I am calm…»

And thus it stood out among the others.

It was evening, nervous, sdelannye the day, people hurry home after work. Only one of them was calm… And my subconscious figured it out.

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