Crimean radio telescope used to contacts with aliens?

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Крымский радиотелескоп используют для контактов с инопланетянами?

Few people know that after the Crimea joined Russia, our country appeared a new object… the search for intelligent alien life. Evpatoria deep space center has multiple objectives, and one of them is entering into contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

About this center, from which 60 years ago was ruled by the first artificial satellite in the history of mankind, there are plenty of interesting rumors .

Крымский радиотелескоп используют для контактов с инопланетянами?

In the late 50-ies of the last century, the USSR developed interplanetary station to study Mars and Venus. Naturally, scientists were required not only advanced spacecraft, but also the most effective flight control system with Remli. Nikita Khrushchev said in 1959 Sergey Korolev, in the course of the year to build a centre of deep space communication, and then the Soviet craftsmen began construction of a complex of Yevpatoria.

Top secret radio telescope in the Crimea

In our days these antennas are near the sea. few people are surprised, although once this facility was top secret. Many locals still believe that the «plates» dispersed the clouds, so the city rarely seen bad weather. In fact, it’s an urban legend, and who are looking for confusing cause and effect. In fact, the place chosen for the construction of the center for space communications because it’s been 250 days in a year Shine the sun.

Employees will still call three antenna «Royal» because they were built before the allotted Khrushchev period, and at the time this telescope was unique. Despite the fact that construction were in strict secrecy, the Americans immediately began enhanced surveillance of the Soviet project, including direct espionage. This, incidentally, is dedicated to another urban legend, which may even be true.

They say that in may 1979, the ensign on duty at the checkpoint space center, decided to plunge into the sea and for a time was entrusted with the post of soldier. The beach was only a hundred meters. Once there, the officer noticed a man acquired a tan in a bathing suit by the water and read the newspaper. When ensign plenty nakupalis, went on shore and began to dry in the sun, the stranger got up, asked him to keep an eye on things, and also went into the water.

Крымский радиотелескоп используют для контактов с инопланетянами?

Swimming away from the shore, the man ducked, but did not appear on the surface. The officer became suspicious and called speculate gunboat. He went to sea and got a submarine that is rapidly going into international waters. To stop her and failed. Subsequently, the military searched the bottom and found underwater several scuba diving suits. Probably, the spy got scared, he noticed, and hurried to escape along with his accomplices.

About aliens and not just them

Since its beginnings, that is since the Soviet era, the Evpatoria radio telescope is constantly sending into space the signals are intended for «little green men». Scientists are not especially expected to answer and not too upset when have not received it. But this is only according to official figures. Some ufologists claim that in 1986, the Evpatoria deep space center suddenly received counter signal from the star alpha Cassiopeia, however, astronomers have for some reason decided to ignore it. Maybe the aliens told the earthlings something not too friendly?

Крымский радиотелескоп используют для контактов с инопланетянами?

Of course, the radio telescope antenna is intended not only for the search for extraterrestrial life forms. With their help, our countrymen monitor the seismic situation in the Crimea and all over the world, the Russian orbital control apparatus, control outer space over the Russian Federation, conduct of promising research. In short, Evpatoria deep space center – a truly unique complex.

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