«Cursed» part of the TRANS-Siberian railway, in which annually in a strange way, people are dying

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"Проклятый" участок Транссиба, на котором ежегодно странным образом гибнут люди

On 2962-kilometer TRANS-Siberian railway die every year on average five people. Almost all the victims died under the wheels of trains on negligence. They walked along the tracks near the station Tanks, not noticing the approaching train, and though not quite hearing the sound signals, which were filed by the machinists.

With alarming frequency is investigative-task force composed of detective, investigator and expert out on the ill-fated kilometer for questioning about the incident and identification of the victims. Soon this kilometer TRANS-Siberian linear Department of internal Affairs admitted (unofficially) the geopathogenic zone.

Die under the wheels of trains are mostly locals who inexplicably did not look around and hear nothing, crossing a railway, or lightly walking on it, although it is possible to go along next to the primer.

Any circumstances that lead to tragedy with fatalities, not installed. There is no sharp turn, no standing on the tracks of trains or even individual wagons — anything that would limit the review.

Especially remembered by the operatives of such an accident. Then, in one of clear may days killed a man. At the entrance to the station Chany locomotive crew of a freight train from afar saw that the ways of wandering people.

Next good dirt road. Why people goes along the tracks that are specially laid under the rails so that the step does not coincide with the distance between them? After all, to go along the tracks just uncomfortable!

On a loud signal, the pedestrian is not paying attention. Then the engineer applied emergency braking. But even the squealing of the brakes caused the man to turn around. The body of the unfortunate was terribly mutilated, and his identification was delayed. Besides, the victim was not a local resident. His identity was established by fingerprints, making the request to the Chief of information-analytical center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

The deceased was a native of the Altai territory, who lived in the Novosibirsk region, which is also listed as missing.

Another man, who was killed on this railroad, was identified within six months. He was a resident of the Penza region. Why the man was on the tracks, not on a dirt road, also remained unclear.

No cemeteries, no crossroads nearby, never been. Experts on anomalous phenomena usually consider that the reason for these accidents is the underground river, located quite close to the surface of the earth. Such flows create geopathic effect on people’s behavior. In this area the individual loses the ability to navigate in space and to act logically.

But neither the train driver never noticed when driving this «bloody kilometers.» And the death toll continues to rise.

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