«My son’s birth was pursued by some evil force»

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The son was the first and welcome the child in our young family. I had it very hard. At some point we are talking about what the child can not be saved, was going to save the mother’s life. But the son still was born! I was under the impression that some evil force wanted to give life to my baby, but other forces of good, helped him to survive.

"Моего сына с рождения преследовали какие-то злые силы"

Son from childhood was a very smart child, but he suffered from chronic tonsillitis and frequent colds. Before school he was diagnosed with a blood disease. The diagnosis sounded like a sentence. It was necessary to look for medicines. Did a test — no media used in such cases, he couldn’t give because of allergies.

Came only one drug, but it is sold over the counter for the managers (it was in Soviet times). We refused to purchase it. It was awful! The cure is on display, without it the child dies, and we for the money have no right to buy it!

Humiliated, we begged this medicine. But it turned out that a full guarantee there is no cure. The doctors said that it all depends on his body. And the son wanted to go to school. Classes had already started and he’s sitting at home, wrote and read without any coercion. So he had a lust for life!

Often at night we came to the crib of our boy and listened to his breathing. A month later repeated the test and it was good! Some good power once again saved our child.

Her son liked the school, and he certainly wanted to be the best in the class. And he did it. But there were moments when he raised his eyes to heaven and said:

— I’m on the ground will not last long. I will very soon be taken away. I’m here temporarily…

We were scared — you shouldn’t say such things even in jest.

20 years old son, already a student, married his classmate. The honeymoon they spent in the tent on the beach. Once it came to the relatives of his wife, fished, cooked to an ear. They had a gasoline stove where the wind broke out a very high flame. And now, when they once again cooked on the stove suddenly burst jet fuel.

Stood around a few people, but burning gasoline poured only our son. None of the others could not immediately figure out what to do. The son fell to the sand and began to ride him. He managed to extinguish the flames, but he suffered burns to forty percent of the body. The car he was urgently brought to the nearest hospital. We said again:

— Be of good cheer, I can not give guarantees! If the body can withstand, so will live!

A month later, the son wrote to the hospital a statement that takes responsibility and asks to write it. During this period he began practice at the plant. Without it I would have had to take a sabbatical and receiving a diploma in this case would be postponed for a year. All went again someone wanted to take, and again someone saved.

The son lived in the family of his wife’s parents, but really wanted to have my apartment. Received the Institute the rank of officer, decided to go to serve in the army. I was sure he wouldn’t pass the medical examination in the military, but took it, though he was covered in scars. Was sent to serve in Uzhgorod, in the artillery division, where it is constantly tested weapons at different ranges.

On the basis of this division was held last exercises of the armies of Warsaw Pact countries, during which soldiers killed, caught under the tracks of armored personnel carriers. First, the investigation revealed that the soldier got under the APC of my son.

He never wrote us about that while the Commission did not come to a final conclusion soldiers came under another APC coming close, however, commanded by the son.

Son came home disappointed and broken. No apartment, he was not given. Then he decided to earn at least a car. Two consecutive years of summer took the plant extra holiday and sell them on the sea ice. Finally bought a used car. Once was driving on a slippery road ahead of him was a cyclist who wheeled, wobbling back and forth.

And then because of the rotation jumped a bus. To save the cyclist, the son crashed into a minibus. Again hospital, contusions, fractures, plus his car was beyond repair, and the owner of the bus has demanded as compensation for the damage a decent amount.

After some time the son became concerned about the kidneys. But he was a shop supervisor in a private enterprise, conducted on the job 12-14 hours a day, to do it once. When the condition became critical, came to Zaporizhia to establish an accurate diagnosis. It was put in the hospital, took a tissue to onmiskenbaar and found a running cancer.

Transferred to the Oncology clinic. But the day before the operation he had a stroke, to carry out the operation became impossible. Three years passed in the struggle for life, moving from one hospital to another — it was hell. He asked me only one thing: to stick something to stop the torment.

Died February 13, in 47 years, quietly, in her sleep. This time it did take some dark power, whose presence he always felt…

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