Where in Krasnodar it is possible to meet a Ghost

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Где в Краснодаре можно встретить призрака

Krasnodar before the revolution was called Ekaterinodar – in honor of the Empress Catherine II in the XVIII century gave the city of the Kuban Cossacks. Over the past century, it has many legends, generally associated with its historical past.

The witch with all saints cemetery

In Krasnodar all saints cemetery is the grave of the old woman. In the picture on the dead woman’s eyes put out. Tombstone inscription reads: «Martha Abramovna Turishcheva. 19 Mar 1912» And below: «I’m back».

They say a witch is buried here. The full moon near the tomb of the supposedly possible to meet the Ghost of the Martha. And then the wishes come true. The burial is always a crowd of tourists.

Shot the priest

On the section of the route between the Khutor Lenina and Starokorsunskaya frequent fatal accidents. Those who survived the crashes, they say that before the collision seen on the side of the road a ghostly figure in a monk’s robe with a hood on his head. The Ghost didn’t move, he just stood and stared at cars passing by.

They say that this is the priest who during the war was shot by the Nazis. He was buried in the nearest cemetery, but, apparently, the soul of the servant of the Church have not found their rest…

Bath phantom

Bath on Garden street staff several times watched the vague silhouette draws something on the walls. However, the subjects of paintings remained unclear, as well as the identity of the Ghost in life.

The artist in white

Another story about the artist associated with the street red. It sometimes walks a Ghost of a man in clothing of white color. Say, during the life of this man was a painter and was in search of a model, which embodies in itself the ideal of feminine beauty. After the death of the spirit of the master was not satisfied and continues to search…

Square on the site of the temple

On the market square once stood the most important temple in the Kuban — Alexander Nevsky military Cathedral.

After the revolution the Church was closed. Taking off from the belfry bells they made a Museum of atheism. And in 1932 by the decision of the new authorities the old Cathedral was blown up. The building remained only the Foundation and basement. From there, according to legend, there were three tunnels – one connected the Cathedral with the Trinity Church on Frunze street and the other from St. Catherine’s Church in the street of the World, and the third went to the river – it was dug in case of a military environment.

The old-timers sometimes recall as a child wandering through the underground maze, bumping into the heavy doors with enormous locks and heavy oaken chests. There were rumors about the hidden underground treasures.

One of the entrances to the dungeon, according to residents, is located under the square. Zhukova, is associated with romantic and eerie legend about a girl whose lover was killed at the front. Having funerals, she would have killed myself.

Since then, the fountain in the Park, which hosted the last meeting of the lovers, sometimes you see two translucent figures — girls in colorful dress and red in the form of WWII. Still here appears the Ghost of the mysterious cyclist, who he was in life – no one knows.

Drowned on Yablonovskiy bridge

Here’s another story of unrequited love. Here, passing motorists sometimes see a phantom of a girl in a white dress that walks between the cars, and then in front of the drivers jumps from the bridge. According to old residents, the girl drowned herself, when her fiancé dumped her.

Sadska virgin

In the area of Krasnodar there is a small village Pshada. There appears a Ghost, dubbed Prudskoy virgin. It looks like a spot that is similar to the translucent silhouette of a girl.

Где в Краснодаре можно встретить призрака

Once the silhouette was a video made by a group of tourists filmed the local attractions. It seemed phantom was floating in the air, and then just disappeared… When the tourists sleep in tents, they feel the presence of something irrational. The next morning, somehow, all the dishes were lying in the fire. Hardly anyone from the group could play a trick on your friends.

Say that two hundred years ago in these places lived a Circassian by the name of Zulihan. She fell in love with a young man from a hostile tribe by the name Popeye. But the family sent her lover to war, and told the girl that he died. In desperation, Zulihan wearing a wedding dress came to the top of the rock and jumped into the waterfall.

When Popeye came back and found out that his beloved is dead, he also with grief committed suicide. Now, Zulihan looking for her lover. She lures tourists to Posadskom the waterfall, and there discover that it is not her favorite, drops down.

In those regions is still phantom POSADSKOGO of the truck. According to eyewitnesses, whom the night caught in the road, on the road out of nowhere materialized «GAZ-63» WWII with one burning headlight. The car stopped and the driver opened the door, offered a ride. Those who disagreed, disappeared without a trace. If the traveler is refused, the car some time stood on the road and then went away, dissolving into the night…

Black tram

Another story about the sinister transport. About a quarter of a century ago, the city suddenly people began to disappear. The last time some of them witnesses saw get in the dark in the tram model «Tatra-13». In most cases, the tram was black in color, sometimes appeared and Burgundy-red. At the car there was no room and to the front window hung a sign «the depot».

According to legend, in the early 80s to retire with the driver – an old man, who took the trams almost half a century. He strongly resisted sending on a holiday and goodbye cursed all his superiors.

I do not curse do the old driver work here? – thinking mystically-minded citizens. The more people noticed: it should appear somewhere mysterious tram, as there seems to be some unhappiness. So, black «Tatra» seen on the eve of the tragic events of September 11, 2001 And the last time she’d appeared on the Dmitrievsky dam 26 may 2016, before the football club «Kuban» with a crash have expelled from the Premier League…

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