The desire to kill themselves associated with inflammation of the brain

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More and more scientists suggests that brain inflammation may be responsible for the emergence in humans of some major depressive episodes. A new study by scientists from the University of Manchester and is tied inflammation of the brain with suicidal thoughts.

Желание убить себя связали с воспалением мозга

Major scientific work published in 2015, found a strong correlation between a person experiencing major depressive episodes, and increased neuroinflammation.

The latter is measured by increasing microglial activity in parts of the brain. Microglia is a specific type of immune cells active in the brain and spinal cord. They serve as the main form of active immune defense in the Central nervous system.

Through this study Dr. Peter Talbot (Peter Talbot) from the University of Manchester decided to find out if it was linked to increased activity of microglia with thoughts of suicide.

The study involved 14 patients with different degree of depression (moderate to severe), all of them were present suicidal thoughts. Also the study involved 13 healthy people. Experts used a technique called positron emission tomography, defining markers, signaling microglial activity.

The results showed a positive correlation between patients with suicidal thoughts and increased neuroinflammation.

The largest increase in microglial activity was found in anterior cingulate cortex. She is involved in performing cognitive functions such as reward expectation, decision making, management of impulsiveness and emotions.

By the way, some experts believe that in this area the «emerging» depression. It is noteworthy that in healthy people improve microglial activity in this region was observed.

Earlier studies of the brain conducted on the dead suicidal patients, showed similar inflammation in the same areas. And the last study only strengthens the relationship between these two parameters, especially in patients with acute depressive episodes.

Dr. John crystal (John Krystal), editor of the journal Biological Psychiatry, where a study was published that indicates that a new job is a very important observation, linking suicidal thoughts and neuroinflammation.

The results of a study published in the scientific journal Biological Psychiatry.

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