Mysterious signs in the sky Wichita

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Mysterious signs in the sky of Wichita. Jeff Templin is an Amateur photographer. In February he walked out of the house to make a series of pictures with city landscapes, and his attention was drawn to an oddity – something reminiscent of a very unusual contrails of the aircraft.

Таинственные знаки в небе Уичито

“The sky above the city was clear – not a cloud, – said Templin. – Whosoever would raise his head, could see. Such traces do not leave any military or civil aircraft, it is unlikely any aircraft capable of so dramatically change the direction of flight”.

According to the testimony of Templin, an aerial object, a UFO made several such strange turns 180 degrees. One of the most unexpected was the one that formed in the sky the letter “S”.

“This machine flew very quiet, could not hear any sound,” he said.

Templin took a few pictures and returned home.

“When I began to view my pictures on the monitor of the computer, I was struck by triangular shapes. It’s not every day you see”, he said.

Templin believes he is a great fan and expert on planes, so he’s convinced he saw something out of the ordinary.

The experts also failed to identify the object. Most of all, consider the military, a mysterious flying object similar to the B-2 bomber, but they do not claim that it was he. But even if it was, it couldn’t be one of those bombers that are currently in their Arsenal.

The online community also put forward some quite crazy versions, but while the origin of the flying object remains a mystery.

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