Discovered new facts about the Baltic anomaly

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6 years ago in the Baltic sea, found a strange piece of limonite, which, under assumptions of experts, clearly not drowned himself, as this number is not found in nature. Accordingly, it was created by an intelligent race – whether people, whether aliens from other planets. What serve something? Was it a space ship? Crack limonite the chip hit the mud, which, as scientists have identified more than ten thousand years. An object swung with such speed crashed into the seabed, so that the raised segments of the local surface that has been stored there for centuries, or he lies, starting with those of ten or even fourteen thousand years.

Обнаружены новые факты о Балтийской аномалии

Something strange is characterized by the fact that next to him fails badly equipment. In fact, there is a circuit and the like «joy», depending on how close the instrument to the object. Off absolutely everything, from streetlights to satellite phones. Theoretically, this may indicate that the detected really UFOs, since the latter, according to the ufologists, with their own appearance in close proximity to any appliances immediately begins to turn off. For example, it is not recommended to be near a car, when the sky is noticeably something suspicious. However, this is only a version of that in the near future is clearly not confirmed, because the aliens in fact no one has ever seen.

Although, at the same time, some ufologists claim that to detect the alien ship can be anywhere, as they themselves alleged the space created. Such speculation is based on «anomalous zones» in different parts of the world. In particular, one of them in may this year was partly recognized lake Baikal. Accordingly, the hypothetical aliens planted their ships on the deep bottom, and those don’t break?

Обнаружены новые факты о Балтийской аномалии

I saw the original version as anything except supposedly some weirdness near this place, it has not been confirmed. If nevertheless to take it on faith, then it turns out that in the Baltic sea, the aliens could not be broken, and just drop a starship on the bottom of the sea and then to go somewhere or anywhere and not to go over six years, a strange object never got to the surface and tried him, like, saw. UFOlogy – the science of the weird, here are a few featured actual evidence, but a lot of emphasis on the words and conclusions from one or two photos that turn can, in fact, anything you like. Accordingly, therefore, probably about the Baltic sea UFO still being debated. If the object ever decide to cut into pieces, unable to fall fully all suspicions or add new. Either way, it will bring some clarity. While the main version is exactly the alien ship, although there are other assumptions that are not less interesting. For example, theoretically there could conduct some experiments to create a super weapon, and suddenly something went wrong. The object, which was to become in the future the latest development in the course of any experience would fall on the seabed, and to get it it was not possible, and funding. After that, the information about it appeared in the archives are also long lived by coincidence. Accordingly, individuals who could remember the real essence of the object, just left.

Обнаружены новые факты о Балтийской аномалии

There is a version that is still a natural object. Thus, in the opinion of a geologist from Stockholm University Volker Bruchert, «Baltic UFO» is nothing more than a piece of rock. The scientist believes that a piece of limonite was formed in connection with the movements of the glacier in smaller pieces, and the glacier it actually here and has brought. However, for whatever reasons, rock and electronics jamming, geologist explanations are not provided. There are, however, likely that is the chip not only from limonite, and from something, concealed under a layer of core material so that you do not define. Hypothetical mineral in combination with the first could create a natural «jammers», by coincidence, collected during the movement of the glacier through the Baltic sea. What is this stone, still in that case find out if it really exists.

Обнаружены новые факты о Балтийской аномалии

Finally, option number four – the remains of a secret military base of the Nazis. It is curious that all this thing was discovered by Swedish researchers Peter Lindbergh and Dennis Asberg when looking for Swedish merchant ships that sank the Third Reich during the Second world war. Accordingly, there would be based the Nazis, having either a permanent item or a temporary. In fact, Swedish scientists put forward the version that in front of them like this, which still is or was some anti-submarine weapons. As said the naval officer, retired Anders Aurellus theoretically in the last century, something that could block the signals, which were filed by Russian and British submarines that cruised here. Anyway, not all the data of those years are recovered. The third Reich, retreating, burned the bridges behind them, and left a lot of legends about the experiments that could be conducted. A significant part destroyed, and many who engaged in such studies, until the present time simply did not survive. Perhaps limonana the installation was one of the last things done, and in a single number, given that the other was not detected. Hypothetical Nazi gun really could somehow «turn off» the electronics, once it is accepted that were suppressed by signals from submarines.

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