The history of appearance of the wonderworking icon of our lady «the inexhaustible chalice»

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Drunkenness has at all times been a terrible tragedy for the man and for his family. Perhaps that is why scientists are still looking for miracle cures and remedies from this disease, but they do not show up. And even the unknown – whether when found. The thing is, as they say saints and enlightened people, that any disease, and drunkenness especially, given to man for his sins – the violation of any of the universal laws of existence.

История появления чудотворной иконы Богородицы «Неупиваемая чаша»

And therefore not encoded and not drugs in this case, you need to drink, and… to pray and repent, ask the Lord for forgiveness for your sins (errors). And the best way in this case for a Christian Russia can become the icon of Theotokos «the inexhaustible chalice», as if specially given to the Orthodox Russians as a chance for the salvation of soul and body.

As has been found this awesome icon of the virgin

Very interesting story of this amazing icon. The first mention of it dates from the late XIX century and is connected with the temple of the Theotokos in Serpukhov. Approximately three hundred miles away at the time in one of Russian villages there lived a farmer (unfortunately his name is lost) – a former soldier who sacrificed in the service of the Fatherland laid 25 years and now alone whiling away the remainder of his years. No, of course, and former soldiers in this case were widows and even then had children and were peacefully farm. But this… was asleep – who need a host?

The man drank and could not stop. Even when he lost the leg, he continued to drink bitter and has nothing on hoping, like death, which, as they say in Russia, and humpback correct. But one night the former soldier had a wonderful dream, and so obvious, as if not sleep. It was the man with a long white beard and wise eyes, and the Holy man told him to go to the city of Serpukhov, in the Church of Vysotsky monastery, in order to make the prayer before the icon «the inexhaustible Cup», then drunks will be removed the curse, and he will be free from your burden.

However, a drunken man by that time was already so ill and poor that he had neither the strength nor the means to go so great for him the journey to Serpukhov. However, amazing dreams continued, and the coming elder literally tormented man with her piercing eyes and at the same time a soft voice that was vadilal unfortunate to listen to his advice. And then the drunk one morning and still went to the monastery, and went on all fours and with no hope to crawl to the far Serpukhov (and money for a cab at the former soldier was not).

That is, to reach the monastery the guy almost had no chance. However, in the neighboring village, to which he crawled, his sheltered compassionate herbalist – she put him back on his feet, rubbing their therapeutic infusions. After that the man already without any problems came to Serpukhov, where found a temple for him and asked his servants to allow him to perform the prayer before the icon «the inexhaustible chalice». However, the monks were very surprised by this request of the member, because I didn’t know or even heard about a similar icon.

However, when the ex-soldier told them about his grief and his wonderful dreams, the monks began to look for the expected icon in their vaults and, indeed, in one of the aisles of the temple was found completely invisible and nowhere holding the icon of the virgin Mary on the reverse side which bore the inscription, «the inexhaustible chalice». Having before her a prayer service with the participation of the «lost Christian souls», they healed a former soldier from drinking once and for all.

История появления чудотворной иконы Богородицы «Неупиваемая чаша»

Which today houses the miraculous icon of the virgin

Rumors about the miraculous icon, which saves you from drinking quickly spread throughout Russia and abroad. And in Serpukhov pulled people from all over the country, from other States, too: alcoholism and at that time it was already common disease. Unfortunately, after the revolution of 1917 and the onset of her godless period in Russia, the temples were destroyed, and the Holy icons — burn. This terrible fate befell the miraculous image of our lady «the inexhaustible chalice».

Today the icons are preserved only two copies (the exact lists), which are in the same Serpukhov. One copy — in Vysotsky monastery, the other in Vladicescu women. Both copies – the miraculous, because it was written with the blessing of the Lord and the painters who didn’t just copied the Holy image, and prayed, and took communion before this, long fasting and almost become agents of the Holy spiritual energy bestowed upon them by God.

So, if you or your loved ones there is such a sin as addiction to alcohol, and the sinner is a Christian, perhaps I should go to Serpukhov and to serve a public prayer before one of these miracle-working icons. This act of repentance will be much more effective than all the flashy tools and medicines from drinking…

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