Life in the Universe (video)

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Жизнь во Вселенной (видео)

The mysteries of the cosmos: Is the Earth a planet, the only one of its kind, or somewhere in the Universe there are others like her? Is there extraterrestrial life? The quest of this life — one of the greatest challenges of humanity. Until relatively recently, spoke quite optimistic assessments — to a few thousand.

With the expansion and deepening of knowledge in different fields of science change and evaluation. Many specialists believe that within our «star island» we can expect only 2-3 intelligent civilization beyond earth. The problem of extraterrestrial civilizations deserves careful and comprehensive study, as it can have a huge positive impact on the further development of mankind. The establishment of contact with intelligent aliens, of course, will be the greatest event in the history of our earth civilization..

On the way to other worlds should not seek contact with aliens. — It is possible that the Land can be conquered and plundered, as happened with the Indians when the conquistadors arrived in America.

Life in the Universe

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