Hole in the Sun — the beginning of a global catastrophe

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NASA reported that the spot on the star — this is a common phenomena that primarily occur at low solar activity. In their opinion, this object is able to cause a global catastrophe on Earth. Its size is almost the same as the size of the Earth. They are formed in a time when a moderately cold area of the Sun begin to act with the magnetic field of the star.

Дыра на Солнце - начало глобальной катастрофы

Approval upolnomochennykh NASA, scientists still can’t predict what problems will bring our planet hole such a huge size. That is why astrophysicists have fallen into a little panic spot can be seen even from the Earth, it is indescribably great. Its dimensions indicate that it is able to cause deadly radiation storms and powerful flash.

Of course, scientists have to study the hole, no less thorough, but it is already clear that absolutely nothing good it will bring. It is noted that the sunspot is so large that it can be seen even with the naked eye. This formation of the Sun, at least, will be the primary cause of increasing radiation storms.

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