Foals at the Tatar cemetery

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In world folklore, the «bad» referred to the place where often happening every unprecedented passion-cheeky. Stories about «bad places» do not belong to the number of outright lies. There are reports of hundreds, even thousands of witnesses present at the creepy antics of some mysterious forces, manifested itself in strictly particular places — «bad».

«In such places is found impure force…» — said our contemporaries Siberians folklorist V. Zinoviev that their words were recorded, in particular, stories about the antics of the evil forces in those areas.

The Edge Of Maykor

Жеребята на татарском кладбище

Says the woman of advanced years T. I. Gordeeva from the village Kupros-Volsk Perm region:

«I saw a miracle, when I was in third grade in the factory town of Maykor. This is from our village nine kilometers. And in our village there was a third class, but my mother — the teacher wanted to see his daughter educated, and in the school since the third grade studied the German language. And the father worked in Maykor accountant at the plant. So he gave me to study there.

We lived with a Tatar family — then there are a lot of Tatars worked in a factory. We went with my father to Buy for a whole week. And on Saturday returned home. I was waiting for dad after school and we walked home together.

But that day I decided not to wait for his dad and after school went home alone. The weather was good. A little bit sprinkled snow. It was not cold. Go and sing songs. Was four kilometers.

Here Bulyginskaya the mountain appeared, and the Tatar cemetery. The Tatars were not buried along with Christians, were buried separately. Crosses are not set. If anyone knows, I will not notice that it is a burial ground. But I knew father once said.

I came to the cemetery and was afraid. Remember how people told me that night at Bosaginskiy mountain horse dance and Tatar accordion is playing. Said, that the souls of the dead Tartars turn there horses.

I was scared but did not run. Crossed and went downhill past the Tartar churchyard. Go and whisper: «Lord, have mercy! Lord, have mercy!» Came down from the mountain and breathed a sigh of relief. Went down the road further.

And I had to look!

Looked back — and with me running six or seven foals. I’m frightened of the snow wandered, took my pencil case and the pencil case itself around the circle outlined.

Foals ran up to me and started around the circle to run. Ran around a few times and jumped back on Bosaginskiy mountain. No colt I was not kicked, did not bite. I stood in the center drawn me in the snow circle neither alive nor dead.

When the foals disappeared over the hill, I crossed, went out on the road, shook out the snow boots and went slowly home. Soon I caught up with supply. A man with a boy drove me home.

Mother didn’t believe my story. Yes, and nobody believed. No foals there, in principle, could not be! Said I was all in a dream he saw. But I remember being awake then. And the like here, near the burial ground, will settle down to sleep in the snow? And a pencil case got lost…

I still have this strange phenomenon can not understand. I know that miracles should not be, but if they do happen, what is there to do? We have to believe in their reality…»

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