The invisible lighthouse near new London

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Невидимый смотритель маяка возле Нью-Лондона

The lighthouse New London Ledge Light near new London, in the U.S. state of Connecticut, lives, according to the testimony of many witnesses, the spirit of one of the first caretakers.

The lighthouse was built in 1910. It has three floors, towering above the square pier. At the lighthouse, when it was first built in seclusion they lived a certain Ernie, now known only by name, and his wife.

According to legend, one day Ernie found out that his wife left him. In the left note saying she went with the captain from the island of Block-AI-land ferry. Shaken by this, Ernie climbed onto the roof of the lighthouse and ran down, fell to his death.

Watch in old journals of the lighthouse in new London reef is suicide is not marked, but there is a rather strange entry: «Rock of slow torture — the possession of Ernie. Hell on earth. The lighthouse in new London reef will Shine always, because I’m watching him. I’ll look after him even from afar, sipping somewhere beer» («Rock of slow torture. Ernie’s domain. Hell on earth—may New London Ledge»s light shine on forever because I’m through. I will watch it from afar while drinking a brew.»).

For decades, the staff of the lighthouse repeatedly noted the presence there Ernie. I could hear the Ghost walking up and down the stairs, and from the warm room immediately became cold.

There were also poltergeist phenomena: they are moving chairs, opening and closing doors. The presence of Ernie reported up until may 1, 1987, the lighthouse became automated.

From the point of view of psychologists of the Navy Department, is in charge of the lighthouse, if no suicide was not (and supposedly it was not, since there are no documents), Ghost in the lighthouse can only be explained by a strong belief in the legend of Ernie. This, they say, and caused the Rangers hallucinations, which partially should be attributed to some disorder due to the long isolation of the personnel of the lighthouse.

In recent years the lighthouse staff from the coast guard were sent there for eighteen months. Daily watch lasted twelve hours. Six day vacation granted after one or two weeks of work.

Thus, employees could, according to psychologists, unintentionally act as agents of poltergeist or they interpreted perfectly natural phenomena as something caused by a Ghost.

However, these events are unlikely to have no reason. According to parapsychologists, ghosts quite often settle on the beacons. In these cases, perhaps the real scene and the emotions increases with age, which in the end leads to the appearance of ghosts.

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