Haitian cemetery, Baron Samedi is the mediator between people and gods

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Probably, of all the inhabitants of the other worlds that have many fans, the most striking and controversial is the Haitian Baron Samedi (Baron Saturday), nicknamed the master of the cemeteries.

Of course, this kind of activity could be called representative of the evil forces, but according to the voodoo cult that spawned this creature, cheerful Baron is considered to be the restless spirit of the Loa, the mediator between gods and man. Perhaps this «nestykovochka», and the cynical nature coupled with «lifestyle» Samedi brought him immense popularity worldwide.

Baron Samedi is depicted as a skeleton or a man in a black coat and black top hat (clothing mortician masters). Symbols — coffin and cross.

Гаитянский кладбищенский Барон Самеди - посредник между людьми и богами

In the grave to deny!

I must say that Samedi is not accidental for many centuries called the patron Saint of graveyards on earth. The fact that this Loa has an extraordinary ability to penetrate the world of men, when he pleases, while his «colleagues» find it with rites and «call» black magicians. Because of that, and imposed on the Baron the duty to «smuggle» the souls of the dead in the netherworld, as well as prepare them for future birth.

Loa — voodoo spirits invisible, providing mediation between God and man, but they are not deities, and to a greater extent analogous to the Christian saints. Endowed with enormous power and almost unlimited possibilities. Loa plays an important role in the rituals of voodoo and is often associated with this concept, as an obsession.

Haiti has for centuries decided to devote Samedi first grave of each of the new cemetery and buried in it «automatically» becomes the guardian of this graveyard. On the grave of this «lucky» established a special cross, signifying the crossroads.

However, despite the title owner of the cemeteries, Samedi death, to put it mildly, does not like. It is believed that it may appeal a person affected by the terrible disease, and that (unless, of course, will be in a good mood) will make the disease retreat. Because in Haiti, when terminally ill suddenly recovers, saying: «Samedi refused to dig the grave.»

Гаитянский кладбищенский Барон Самеди - посредник между людьми и богами

That’s just not really a lot of brave men turns to Samedi requests. After all, if he thinks that poked him in vain or that man is unworthy of his help, the Baron quickly crossed over to the world of the dead the petitioner or will tear off his hand. But experts on voodoo argue that to avoid such a fate will help… cow’s leg. Supposedly, if you hold it in your hands, this «charm» can get a laugh out of Baron, and it will soften the «cooked» punishment.

But if we are talking about the lives and health of young children, no amulets not needed. It is believed that the Baron loves kids, and therefore readily responds to requests of parents, almost always «refusing to dig a grave» for their sick child.

Test a glass of rum

Another contradiction of Baron Samedi is in its inexhaustible love of life. Surprisingly, this Loa is not alien to anything human. Thus, in contrast to their «colleagues» who prefer to dress up in the classic loincloth and ceremonial beads, the master of the cemeteries dresses in elegant suits and white shirts, his head adorned with a high cylinder, and a hand Samedi always swaggering stick.

Going on in our world, this mod Loa always wears elegant sunglasses, with a twist of his appearance. In addition to clothing, there is the Baron and other very human passions and weaknesses — dancing, dirty jokes, three-storey curses, and those preferences «non-standard» behavior of the owner of the cemeteries sharply distinguishes it from the host of other Loa.

But still the «hallmark» of Samedi for centuries were and still are… good cigars, which he carries under any circumstances, and strong rum, which he can drink an incredible amount.

Samedi also called the patron of sexuality and procreation, and for good reason. Although it is believed that the Baron is the «official» wife, Mother Bridget, the owner of the cemeteries is not indifferent to women, talking about his numerous love Affairs on the side. If you believe the Creole legends, that night the Baron visits more than 10 beauties, but the next day always returns to his faithful wife.

Гаитянский кладбищенский Барон Самеди - посредник между людьми и богами

One of the favorite jokes of Baron — hooked for a while in the body of some poor guy. After that, the teetotaller and devoted family man suddenly neither from that nor from this suddenly starts drinking rum buckets and chase all the surrounding ladies, regardless of their appearance and age.

In order to verify that the fault here is Joker Loa, the «victim» was allowed to drink a glass of rum infused with 40 chili peppers. Ordinary people even SIP a «cure» can not, but to the Baron it is a great drink. However, realizing that he «declassified», Samedi immediately sent home.

Zombie Creator

I must say that much is known about the preferences of the Baron is not accidental. In Haiti there is a legend about how Samedi from time to time transforms into a mortal man, who became a powerful voodoo sorcerer. That’s what he many centuries ago and came to the island of Hispaniola (the former name of Haiti). Being in the body of the African sorcerer, the Baron was sold to the slave trader and his ship went to explore new lands.

He also became the first man buried in Port-AU-Prince, the capital of the island. The legend says that along with the sorcerer on that ship was his young son, who has not made a hard journey and died during the voyage. However, Samedi managed to save the skull of the boy who became a powerful talisman. To possess this artifact can only be the strongest voodoo, as it gives them a connection with the Baron.

Гаитянский кладбищенский Барон Самеди - посредник между людьми и богами

The researchers of voodoo believe that the most famous incarnation of Samedi and the owner of the skull of his son was President Francois Duvalier, who for several decades was ruled by Haiti. A former doctor in 1957, easily seized power in the country, relying on the guard, the TONTON macoutes.

In Haiti, it was rumored that these soldiers-the police nothing like an army of zombies. The Baron also helped the dictator to get rid of enemies. After a quarrel with Kennedy, Duvalier held a special ceremony, and he was soon killed.

In Haiti believe that Samedi can help to create zombies even inexperienced voodoo sorcerer. For this you need to make a special ritual to trap the soul of a person, then place it in a bottle, on the cork where the Baron will impose a special print — ready and flawless, eternal and free worker.

Saturday is a hard day

Day of the owner of the cemeteries is Saturday. It is believed that she gave him the name (Samedi is translated from Creole as «the Sabbath»). Because of that, Haiti fans of Jolly Baron often gather this day in the cemetery at the tomb dedicated to Samedi, and arrange a Grand festival.

It begins with the fact that Baron bring abundant prey — roasted peanuts and corn, strong coffee, pods of red pepper, fresh bread and, of course, rum and cigars. Then the guests of the Baron sing in his honor, old songs, drink strong drinks, smoke and otherwise glorify the Lord of the dead.

Гаитянский кладбищенский Барон Самеди - посредник между людьми и богами

The altitude of the celebration are dancing, the most important of which is the passionate Samba — favorite dance of the Baron. Say that the Samedi often leaves the underworld in order to take part in the celebration. Like, he can not resist fun music, booze and beautiful dancing of the Creoles.

Fans of voodoo believe that Saturday is the perfect day to commune with the spirits of deceased ancestors. So, if the person had any questions to someone from the deceased family, then on Saturday night he should go to the cemetery to offer sacrifices to the Baron and ask his permission to spend the night on the grave of a relative.

It is believed that brave, not afraid to hold such an extreme ritual, not only to get the desired response, but will have protection from the dark forces of the rest of your life.

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