She’s only 15 and she looks at 50 (photos)

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Disease and mutations: She is only 15 and she looks 50. Her teeth fall out, it makes the collagen injections to reduce wrinkles… But the Briton Zara, Hartshorn — not a woman trying to be young, she’s a teenage girl.

Ей всего 15, а она выглядит на 50 (фото)

Zara (centre) together with 23-year-old sister and 42-year-old mother

In fact, Dawn’s only 15 and she suffers from a rare and incurable disease «lipodystrophy», which makes it externally on decades older than her school friends. This is a genetic defect that destroys the fatty tissue under the skin’s surface, causing premature aging, suffering as her 42-year-old mother Tracey and 23-year-old sister jolene.

Ей всего 15, а она выглядит на 50 (фото)

Already in early childhood, the girl looked like a little old lady, and now the teenager looks like an aging woman

While many girls use makeup, trying to look older to get into a pub or a movie for adults, Zara has the opposite problem. «I can’t buy a child movie ticket, and when I wear a school uniform, people think I’m in costume, says Zara. — Living with lipodystrophy really hard. I once refused to sell a child ticket on the bus in front of everyone. I flushed, walked out and went home. My first week in one school a teacher gave me the lesson plan. I said, «I’m not a teacher, I’m a student». I never felt so bad. I just wanted to die. The same thing happened in a year… My teeth are very weak, and although I regularly clean them, I’ve already lost four. Two of them in the front, which makes me shy, and I don’t smile with your mouth open».

Ей всего 15, а она выглядит на 50 (фото)

If the other girls her age wear makeup to look older, Zara, on the contrary, disguises wrinkles

However, there are some able Zara and positive aspects. The girl says that she is never of acne, and jokes: «If I want to, you can easily buy cigarettes and alcohol!».

Zara’s mother Tracey admitted that she can’t shake the feeling of guilt, as conveyed an incurable disease to their own children: «I went through a lot in my life… the Other kids wanted to play with me, I became very nervous and literally pounced on people… Every day I look in the mirror and see the face of a woman twice my age. But I’m so proud of how jolene and Zara cope with it.»

Tracy is also the mother of Gareth (24), Michael (21), Tommy (19), Rosie (20) and Chloe (16), who were lucky enough not to have this genetic defect, materials .

Photos: Bulls Press

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