Scientists have proposed a new version of death of Pharaoh Tutankhamun

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Scientists have proposed a new version of death of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. British scientists share another of conjectures which could shed light on the mysteries surrounding one of the most famous artifacts of antiquity, the mummy of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun. They assume that the body of a young ruler was burned after a failed attempt of embalming, and he died not in battle and not as a result of the conflict, from injuries sustained when hitting his chariot.

Ученые выдвинули новую версию смерти фараона Тутанхамона

From the moment the Pharaoh’s tomb was discovered in 1922, the year surrounded by mystery. Many seriously believe that it involves an ancient curse that caused the annual death of different people, one way or another with this tomb adjoined.

As you know, the mummy was discovered in the charred state, and this circumstance is also connected with the ancient curse. Now scientists who conducted chemical studies of the remains, put forward the facts confirmed the hypothesis that the spontaneous combustion of mummies was caused by the substances used for embalming the body.

Examining the fragments of the body tissue of the Pharaoh, they found that a few days before his death he had a broken leg. This and other facts have prompted scientists to the idea that the cause of his death was not wounds received in battle or as a result of armed clashes, as was considered before, as the oldest accident — the Pharaoh could fall under the chariot.

In addition, scientists claim that the body of Tutankhamun was infected with malaria.

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