Pavel Globa predicted the collapse of Ukraine into three parts (video)

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Unknown and inexplicable: Pavel Globa predicted the collapse of Ukraine into three parts. About Ukraine, nearest neighbor Russia, the astrologer Pavel Globa predicted its collapse back in 2014…

Павел Глоба предсказал распад Украины на три части (видео)

…into three parts, and that two of them can be part of Russia. We remind you that this forecast was made back in 2010, and Pavel Globa have seen for the future of Ukraine, where in parallel there will be two administrations, independent from each other.

The territory will be formally coherent, but the East Federation will refuse to obey Kiev, effectively becoming part of Russia. For Crimea, the astrologer draws a parallel, comparing it with Chechnya. Globa forecast for 2015 for Ukraine He fears that the combination of stars in 2014 is very aggressive (Uranus in Aries), that can threaten war in the East is not exactly naming a place, maybe in Iran.

Possible absolutely uncontrolled explosion of terrorism. In Russia, according to astrologers, this year will be no war, only gang violence, according to the materials


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