Crop circles formed in the possession of the farmer

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Mysterious education in Central France attract curious tourists, but leave the farmer in a rage. Almost a dozen circles, the largest about 500 meters in diameter, appeared in a barley field near Sancerre in the night from 1 June to 2 June.

Among those who came to see the circles, was Didier Cowman who drove 20 miles with my family on Friday to see the field. «We have never seen anything like it in the region,» he told the TV station France 3. «Some wonder how it’s done. There are no signs of human presence on the field. This is madness!»

Круги на полях образовались во владениях фермера

Jean-Paul millet, engaged in agriculture, was less impressed. He filed a complaint with the local gendarmerie. «They take up about 1 hectare, lost 6 tons,» he told Le Journal du Center. He said the laid barley will not produce a crop this year and could get him to change the field next year. He estimated that it cost him about 1000 euros. «It’s not very environmentally friendly, he said. «This is especially frustrating. I don’t see the point in it.»

Earlier crop circles was discovered in Central France. Drawings appeared in the departments of Nièvre and Loiret in 2012, and in 2009 one image was seen around Bourges.

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