Damn tram, pulsating bridge and other urban legends of Krasnodar

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What these stories really true and what is fiction is difficult to define, and sometimes impossible. Remember the most terrible urban legends of Krasnodar.

Karasony and their inhabitants

It is now the majority of residents know that the city has one large river, the Kuban, and just two centuries ago through the Ekaterinodar proceeded karasun. The river took its beginning from underground springs to the North of the village Starokorsunskaya, had a length of about 45 km and fell into the Kuban to the South of the present «City garden» (Gorky Park).

In the late nineteenth century, in order to cross to the other side, the Cossacks began to block karasun dams. As a result, the river became a chain of lakes fed by groundwater.

Karasun in terms of Ekaterinodar authorship Felitsyn 1888

Проклятый трамвай, пульсирующий мост и другие городские легенды Краснодара

Today in Krasnodar territory from the once separate rivers has 15 lakes: two Pokrovsky (at the stadium «Kuban»), the three lakes of Kalinin of the beam (between the streets of Stavropol and Seleznev, one for the main building of the University, two or the administration of Karasunsky district (separated by a street Starokubanskaya) and ten Pashkovsky lakes (in fact, the bed of the river, broken into lake dams). Direction above Pashkovsky lakes practically not observed.

Name karasun came from the Turkish words «Kara» — black and «su» — water. Black waters of Krasnodar has long been shrouded in a mysterious aura and featured in mystical stories. One of them talks about how in the 1870s, a woman rinsing linen in Carasone and cut myself on something sharp. Imagine her surprise when the fishermen pulled from river drowned Cossack on horseback and with a lance in his hand, on which was cut a washerwoman!

In Carasone the townspeople saw the root of the evils associated with the spread of mosquitoes and malaria, and constantly fought with the rebellious river, which was filled, dug dams, and in 1910, its lower reaches were driven in a specially dug Karasunsky channel, which is then locked in underground pipes, filled with earth and called Suvorov street. But finally to conquer the people element failed. Dark water continued to pull out the bodies of suicides, careless, drunks, fishermen and victims of robbers.

Say that in the years of the great Patriotic war in one of the Heathrow lakes sank two German tank Panzerkampfwagen IV. Eyewitnesses recalled how in February 1943, two 24-ton colossus fell through the ice and in just a few seconds left under water with their crews. The attempts of the Germans to save people or to no avail, as the red army made it impossible to complete the rescue operation.

After the liberation of Krasnodar military tried to get the German tanks, but the divers failed to locate the sunken car. Over time, about the history of the forgotten until the late 1960s, every two or three years began to appear people who began to discover the mysterious findings. According to rumors, these citizens was urgently summoned to the relevant authorities and asked to forget about what you saw.

Even some of the legendary inhabitants of Karasunsky lakes is a huge catfish, individual instances of which reached 3 m in length and weighed more than a ton. Cases are known, how these river monsters attacked not only on livestock and waterfowl, but also tried to attack people.

The largest instance, the stories of old-timers pulled out of Krasnov in the mid-1970s, when the result of the discharge of pesticides in a lake in Kalinin beam killed all the fish — including a huge three-meter catfish.

One of the last mentions of giant fish refers to 2002, when the Krasnodar correspondent of the newspaper «Krasnaya Street,» attempted to find sunken in the lake of the German tanks. According to his version, the main cause of failure of previous search was that the machine didn’t drown in Pashkivka, and the lake located behind the Kuban state University.

The search operation in the end had nearly cost the life of a brave journalist during the dive, he was attacked by a huge fish, but he was able to get out through the tether.

The bridge of kisses as a secret weapon

The kissing bridge was opened in 2003 and immediately became a magnet for the attention of residents and guests of the city. However, it is believed that the basis of this magnetism is something more than just beautiful architectural forms.

According to some researchers, about 15 years in Krasnodar, operates a so-called psychotropic generator (PG). The decision to implement a secret project allegedly was made in the late 1990-ies. Ψ-generator was to contribute to improve public health, reduce crime and improve the emotional background of the city.

Проклятый трамвай, пульсирующий мост и другие городские легенды Краснодара

Version sounds rather crazy, but the authors of the article conducted its own investigation, an important element of which were the testimony of a former employee of the secret lab Ruleva S., who said that masking of antenna-feeder system generator and built a pedestrian bridge across the Creek. Main aggregates and PG hardware is located in three underground floors, and the antennas were made in the form of ropes of stretch marks, supposedly holding the bridge. Why supposedly? Now tell.

According to researchers, there is some evidence that the bridge is just a cover for secret development. First, the bridge is useless. It has no practical use and connects the Peninsula with the land a few hundred meters from the existing dozens of years of transition. Hardly huge for those times money was spent just for beauty.

The second argument is absurd engineering decision structures. The arched design of this short length does not require support in the form of steel ropes — especially as a pedestrian bridge and does not involve a big load. Compare Turgenevskiy bridge, by which daily are passing hundreds, thousands of trucks and trucks. Where there is supporting ropes?

Mysterious glow in the dark is another proof of psychotropic generator. As to ensure the operation of the generator cables to the antennas failed several megawatts of current, the bridge began to glow in the dark. In order not to attract attention, he sent the colored lights, but on some images you can see that bluish light is coming from the bridge.

This was especially noticeable when, during rolling blackouts bridge across the Creek continued to glow as if nothing had happened. After several vigilant residents wrote «where follows» complaints of a strange glow in the area of Kubanskaya embankment for more than ten years there is no rolling blackouts.

Well, the last argument — from the bridge regularly cut off locks. Who and how could they interfere? The Henri IV bridge in Paris or Malo-Konyushenny bridge in St. Petersburg are covered with castles, and one is not particularly care. In our case, the iron locks hanging on the bridge antenna of the generator and interfere and hinder the work of high-precision equipment.

The curse of the black Tatra

For more than a century of its existence, Krasnodar tram has become one of the unofficial symbols of the city. Several generations of city dwellers appreciate the convenience of this truly national form of transport.

In the dead of winter and the heat of summer, when the king, during the Soviet era, in the era of developed socialism, or dashing 90-e the tramway remained the most convenient and fastest means of transportation. In less than 117 years Krasnodar tram carried tens of millions of passengers. However, before the end arrived not all.

Проклятый трамвай, пульсирующий мост и другие городские легенды Краснодара

Rumors that the streetcars began to disappear people, more than a quarter century ago. Details of all of the stories were completely different, but one item appeared in every story of the tram «Tatra T3» unusual black (according to some accounts — a blood-maroon) colors appearing in the dark.

As a rule, the tram was no room and to the front window hung a sign «the depot». Although there were several witnesses who claimed that black «Tatra» was on the Krasnodar streets at number 6. Mysterious tram seen in Pashkivka, for the Factory, near Gorky Park, in Uptown and in the hay market.

Script meetings with the tram was the same — people are very long (sometimes an hour) and nothing stood in the evening at the bus stop and began to curse the trams, curse of conductors, drivers and the Director of the tram and trolleybus enterprises. And then, as if my to-person on a deserted stop almost silently drove the car, picked up and taken belated traveler to nowhere.

Проклятый трамвай, пульсирующий мост и другие городские легенды Краснодара

One elderly Krasnodar taxi driver personally told to the author about the meeting with the «Tatra» in the late ‘ 80s:

«It was about three o’clock in the morning. I went to shabashki in Gray in the side of Karl Liebknecht [now Stavropol] at a speed of 40-50 kilometers per hour, not bothering anyone. Passing the intersection with Gogol, I just looked to the left. And I think it saved my life. At high speed in the direction of the Cooperative market was flying tram.

I saw his headlights and had to put the brakes on this. The collision could not be avoided, but the shot went on a tangent. I scratched him Bochin, but he didn’t even stop and drove on. I looked around, saw that there were no witnesses, pulled in the garage and only a block away, already on Voroshilov [now the gymnasium, stopped dead in his tracks.

Why? You know, the tram was empty. Anyone, even the driver. It was really scary. It is clear to me that no one would have believed it. What is the tram in the morning? What are you actually doing?

Don’t remember how I got to the garage to a friend mechanic, and he had a pair of my «Volga» — did the bumper, replaced the lamp, wiped the traces of black paint and painted the hood. At the morning inspection in the taxi I was shaking, but no one noticed».

Проклятый трамвай, пульсирующий мост и другие городские легенды Краснодара

It is said that once someone from the town had written a complaint to the administration of the Tram and trolleybus management. People complained that the evening of such and such a date, the tram drove to the depot, came to a stop and stood there for a minute and, without opening the door, left. The citizen demanded to investigate and punish the driver, do not open the doors, and led the wagon.

An active citizen had no idea what he escaped that night. At the depot the complaint was checked and found that the tram with the number written off in the early 80s, and the driver is the honored grandfather, who took the trams almost half a century, retired.

Grandpa flatly refused to retire, and at the end cursed all left without even taking the work book. More it nobody saw.

People have noticed that every time there is a mysterious tram, it happens some misfortune. In the twenty-first century black «Tatra» seen twice. Dozens of citizens have noticed the tram 11 September 2001. The second time the car was seen on the Dmitrievsky dam 26 may 2016. The next day the football club «Kuban» were relegated from the Premier League.

Crocodiles in the Shukhov tower

The tower by the famous engineer Shukhov built in Krasnodar, in 1935, and in Soviet times was used as a water tower. On its top was a tank with a capacity of 9.5 thousand buckets of water. But already at sunset-Union city rumors that perestroika cooperators spread in the tank of crocodiles.

There is information about the victims of bloodthirsty creatures. So, according to rumors, the crocodiles ate student during the summer practice was painting the tank. Yet another victim of either rumor, or reptiles became a Satanist who climbed the tower at night to spend there some kind of ritual.

Проклятый трамвай, пульсирующий мост и другие городские легенды Краснодара

In General, the fame of the tower went bad — and, as they say, the arrival of Gorbachev in Krasnodar old buck decided to dismantle and take over the city. On the appointed day the helicopter arrived, hooked piece of iron, and flew in the direction of the neighborhood of the Dam. But during the flight the predators sensed something was wrong and began to rock the tank. The rope was broke and broken, and massive construction along with the reptile collapsed in Staraya Kuban.

How many crocodiles and one of them survived is not known, but since the team knew that in Kuban live crocodile. Perhaps not even one. Ate a legendary creature, fish, small animals that live near the shore, but, on hearings, did not disdain human flesh.

Witnesses said that the prey of a crocodile became tipsy vacationers and victims of shootouts ‘ 90s. in Winter, the reptile went into hibernation, but did not freeze, helped by warm due to the discharge from the CHPP water of the Kuban.

Someone who in these stories believed and even claimed to have personally seen this reptile that someone thought all the inventions and sent too gullible citizens to comic article «tower of the eater», published in «Kuban courier» in early 1994, which for the first time and told the whole story.

Anyway, in November 2011 in the «Sunny island» was discovered dead crocodile. The cause of death of the animal, a huge wound in his side, inflicted, apparently, with a screw of a motor boat. Five-foot Caiman (a creature was Cayman) discovered one of the coaches rowing base, who said that he with his team have repeatedly seen the reptile, while she was still alive.

Despite the fact that since the times of the discoveries it has been almost six years, the fishermen tell that in the waters of the Old Kuban restless still.

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