Fisherman found in the Obi South American mail soma

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Obi 18-year-old Sergey Dolgopolov caught by the hands of an unknown fish species which are not yet able to identify the specialists-ichthyologists. Photo unusual catch sent to scientists in aquatic waterfowl.

On the weekend 18-year-old Sergey Dolgopolov was fishing with friends on the Bank of the Ob river in the Green Cape area and noticed in the shallows of a strange creature. Spotty and scary with the mind fish never moved, and seemed asleep. Sergei came closer and with bare hands picked up the fish. The appearance of the catch was surprising not only Sergei and his friends, but more experienced fishermen who were nearby.

Рыбак нашел в Оби южноамериканского кольчужного сома

«Fished between Saturday and Sunday. Caught at the feeder. Solid foods do. And the fish I caught by hand — told Sergey Dolgopolov. — At first glance, similar to burbot, but in the end some kind of Chupacabra. And this creature was the whole mouth leeches. I assume that it is likely to bottom fish. She had armored scales. And she was making some sounds similar to a growl. Home I did not pick up. After the photo shoot sent back.

Sergey lives in the Kirov district of Novosibirsk and fishes from 8 years. In winter and summer. But the first time he had to «see a miracle». «Someone on the river is not shown — no one knows, but everyone was taking pictures,» added Sergei.

Fish similar to the South American armored catfish

Рыбак нашел в Оби южноамериканского кольчужного сома

Novosibirsk ichthyologist, member of the Institute of systematics and ecology of animals SB RAS Elena Yadrenkina, examining photos of unusual catches, difficult to say the exact name of the fish.

«It’s very unusual places for our fish. Nothing like that in my 20 years of practice, I have not seen — said ichthyologist. — I can only assume that this aquarium fish. I sent the photos to a friend scientist exotic species. The answer must come tomorrow.

In Novosibirsk is very strongly developed aquariums and our residents often release in the Ob different exotic. There were even piranhas. But in Novosibirsk reservoirs she does not live exactly. The second version: fish with photos came to us by Ine from a warm reservoir of Belovskaya. Unfortunately, these animals are doomed to death.»

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