«As a child I was always in our house different evil, and no one believed me.»

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As a child, I often saw all sorts of evil, and no one believed me. We lived in the Moscow region, two-room apartment of usual chetyrehyarusny. The parents slept in the living room. I had my own room, at first glance, nice and cozy. At night it turned into something horrible.

" В детстве я постоянно видела в нашем доме разную нечисть, а мне никто не верил"

Remember how it happened the first time. Parents said Goodnight and left me alone. For some time I lay, trying to sleep. Then he rolled over, opened his eyes and saw standing by my bed with a black piece! I wanted to call for help, but fear I have lost my voice.

I pulled the blanket over his head and so long he lay, with bated breath. The next night, come to me another stranger. It was Indian! He stood next to my bed, in his hand he held a sharp spear aimed at me.

It was very scary. This time I was able, as it seemed to me, quite loudly shouting: «Mom!» Unfortunately, nobody heard me.

The most offensive was the fact that the parents didn’t believe me.

You’re imagining things — waved them.

I once went to sleep in the living room at dad’s place — he was on night duty. Mom went into the bathroom. I quietly lay in bed. «Oh, here-they won’t come», I thought. But they came! It was two black figures stiffened next to me. I immediately hid under the blanket.

Lying in the bed with parents, even when there were ghosts wasn’t so bad. I thought, «what if I really still dreaming?» and decided to touch them. I pulled a hand from under the blanket: «If I, then I won’t feel a thing». But I felt bumped into something, feels reminiscent of the sagging skin of an elderly person…

While we lived in the same apartment, the only one I have at night seen! Then the window appeared a huge black, with a broad forehead and tiny chin, the head, then some small round creature rolled on the floor.

And once I have distinctly seen passing from one wall to another, the old man. Behind him slowly walked the old woman with a crutch. I heard her knocking her stick on the floor.

Then we moved to another apartment, and the visions stopped. As the last apartment was rumored that the house was built on an old cemetery. Maybe this whole thing?

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