The sensational statement from the «creators» of crop circles through meditation

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Researcher Roland Began claims to be a member of a group of eight people, who «took responsibility» for the creation of crop circles appearing in Wiltshire in the South West of England (see video below).

Сенсационное заявление от «создателей» кругов на полях с помощью медитации

Mysterious and symbolic figures, which were regarded as messages of aliens, since 1991, ever since Doug bower and David Chorley admitted that many found in the UK crop circles were made by them using wooden planks and ropes, was recognized as one of the greatest paranormal hoaxes of the world. This pair of buddies from the 1970s years was teased by locals who believed in UFOs. In the second half of 1990-ies «creators of the circles» who were trying to outdo each other in the complexity of the patterns, divorced even more.

But, in spite of the trampling of the field mystifies, there are other «artists» that can make «highly geometric» model is to say that behind them there is something far more supernatural.

Roland Began, who has been studying crop circles for more than 23 years and is Chairman of the Dutch Center for the study of crop circles, made a sensational statement in front of an audience of the 27th annual conference in Glastonbury. In the report on this phenomenon, Bejan told that sitting in the pub «the Black horse» in Black-hill, near the famous white horse, he took part in the collective creation of the circle in the fields

«I was sitting with seven friends in a pub, and we talked about how some people create crop circles, and we decided to try to do it,’ said Roland. We tried to create a circle in the field opposite.»

According to Begona the group during meditation focused on the picture, made in a Church in Marlborough. However, the result was instantaneous, «created» their circle with elements in the form of crosses appeared only in two days, and then 20 miles of the pub.

«We thought about that image, and two days he appeared — said the researcher. — Of course, this is not an exact science, but the cross turned out well.»

In 2009, together with Roland in meditation on the creation of crop circles participated and Maki Masao, a Japanese professional debunker of the paranormal.

«Maki Masao came here to debunk crop circles, but after our experiment, he changed his mind, said Bejan. The circle similar to Japanese origami came the next day West of Silbury hill».

At the conference, Roland Began showed a circle with an intricate pattern in the form of swallows, which was formed on 22 July 2008 fog on a field near the village of Alton Priors.

«There was a big fog. Before the mist there was nothing there. We thought it would be nice if there were a circle. After an hour, when the fog cleared, the circle was there.»

On the website which then covered this event, said: «a Local resident passing by the field at 4:30 in the morning, said that the picture on the box was not. But at 7:30, the driver, following this road, reported on the circle».

The sensational statement from the «creators» of crop circles through meditation

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